The Changes to Shadowlands in 9.0.5


The brand new patch to everyone’s favorite MMO, World of Warcraft, landed on the PTR recently and many of our pros already have their hands on it. Read on to learn about upcoming class changes, Covenant rebalancing, legendary tuning, and everything else that’s brand new in the Shadowlands.

Legionfarm’s Guide on Umbral Engrams and How to Focus Them


The newest season in D2 brought back many things, and one of them is Umbral Engrams. These are what many players have been looking forward to, and they can finally check out the new feature. How does it work and what should you do to get access to it? Learn more details here.

Call of Duty: Season 2 is Rapidly Approaching


With the release trailer for season 2 and the roadmap's reveal, we have so Zombie such info on our hands we can't wait to share it all with you. Join us today as we go through every little piece of news that we know of so far. There’s so much new stuff to go over it’s crazy! You better get ready, because you’re definitely going to get blown away by today’s blog!

Understanding CoD’s New League Mode


A new competitive mode has been released for Cold War, with strict rules and a commitment to competitive integrity. Despite the competitive design of the mode, good hardcore gameplay, and an intricate ranking system with many divisions, it’s getting a mixed review from pros. Read more about it here!

Legionfarm’s Guide to Unlocking the RAI K-84 in CoD


Have you already seen the newest wonder weapon? It sure looks pretty impressive! In today's guide, we will tell you everything about the RAI K-84, why it is so special, and how to get it in just a few hours. Enjoy your read, and make sure to follow each step of the guide to get the desired weapon!

Our First Impressions and 5 Things You Need to Know About Season of the Chosen


It’s been one week since the launch of the new season, which means that there is a huge pile of things that should be discussed. What’s the new launching area? What happened to the old guns? How do players feel about Season of the Chosen? All these details are right here in our blog today, so let’s dive into the fresh update right off the bat!

6 Tips and 5 Weapons to Help You Dominate Call of Duty’s Express Map


Another iconic Call of Duty map makes a comeback in the series’ latest title. The Black Ops II classic, Express takes us to the bullet train station to engage in close- and mid-range fights and test our best tactics and loadouts to claim a victory in a 6v6 stand-off. Wanna dominate Express? Read our guide to learn how!

Ticuu’s Divination Guide: Why Is This Bow So Special and How to Get Its Catalyst?


Why is everyone talking about this bow? What’s so special about it? This guide will tell you all the details about the new exotic bow: how to get it, how to beat the Catalyst quest, and whether or not Ticuu’s Divination should be your new best friend on the battlefield. Hop on to dive into our piece on the newest D2 exotic!

Top 8 Guns You Need to Get to Play in CoD Zombies


So, you’re going into Zombies. What are the best weapons that would not let you down in a battle? An AR maybe, or is it better to grab an SMG? Are there any guns from the current meta that you could use to fight the army of the undead? This guide is here to answer all your questions, so dive in and let’s get started!

Apex Legends: Season 8’s First Impressions


There’s nothing more funny than watching gamers panicking at the sight of the new Legend having them in the crosshairs. In this article, we’re sharing with you what it's like to play the game during the first couple of weeks since the release of the new Season. Hop in and enjoy the read!

Top 5 Tactics and 5 Best Guns for Close-Quarters Combat in Warzone


For all those CoD enthusiasts, we continue our series of guides where we talk about the best Warzone strategies. In this episode of “Warzone Pro Tips 101” we will tell you everything you need to know about winning tactics in close-quarters combats. No more chit-chat; let’s get right into the guide!

Firebase Z Review


The new zombies map for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has finally been released, after weeks of hinting, teasing, and then dropping a tantalizing reveal trailer. Now that our pros have finally gotten their hands on it, we’re eager to share their thoughts. Read on for all the latest info!

8 Things Season 13 Is About to Bring: Trailer & Roadmap Breakdown


We are thrilled to bits to finally dive into more details about the forthcoming Season 13! In our today’s article, we will take a closer look at what story the trailer showed us, as well as all the new stuff we got to see in it. Is the thirteenth season going to be a real game-changer? Let’s find out.

9 Class Changes in Shadowlands Coming in the Next Weekly Reset


Even though the devs are getting ready for Blizzcon, it doesn’t mean they will forget about the tweaks and updates they promised to add anytime soon. Our guide is up now, so check all the latest info on the changes made to the classes, as well as a few details about the community’s reaction to these updates.

Destiny 2: Bungie Makes a Bet on Number 13


Just a few days prior, Bungie released another weekly message to the community, but this time it was different. There was a lot to talk about, and some of the stuff they discussed was pretty shocking. Join us in this article as we go over the major points of the recent TWAB and learn what's so mind-blowing about it!

Top 10 Tips to Become a Better Warzone Team Player


It’s not a secret that Warzone is a difficult game in which to find victory. There are so many other players, systems, areas, and techniques to master, and you can still get hit hard by the luck of the draw. With these 10 tips, you can become the battle royale player you’ve always wanted to be.

Leaks, Updates, and Other Things You Need to Know About Apex Season 8


Season 8 will kick off in just a few days, so now is the best time to talk about what’s coming, changing, and going away in the game. It might be hard to wrap our heads around all these updates and fresh in-game additions, but we’ll try our best to break down everything to you in detail. Enjoy your read!

Season 13 Meta Weapons: Top 7 Guns & Season of the Chosen Predictions


We all know that number 13 is always either lucky or cursed, so the game’s thirteenth season will definitely be an important one. We all want to finally take a look at what’s hidden behind the curtain and finally find out what Season 13 will look like. So, shall we get started on our D2 meta discussion today?

Best Shadowlands Season 1 Meta Composition and Pro Tips on Dungeons


Who should you play with: Healers or Tanks? What class is the best fit for you? We know that these questions are often hard to answer, especially when you encounter new activities in the game. This is why we’ve prepared this guide to help you choose a team and a role for your Season 1 Mythic+ runs.

Have Division 2 Developers Abandoned Their Game?


The absence of any news and the unsettling silence from the development camp has fans worried. It is 2021 and nobody even knows how the game is going to be led through the 3rd year of its life cycle. Join us as we uncover this and many other mysteries that bother the fans all across the globe.

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