Top 5 Warzone Trackers to Improve Your Playstyle


Here’s to everyone willing to level up and play the game better! In today’s article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Warzone stat trackers, why you need them, and which ones are the best. Enjoy your read, and make sure to stay till the end for some nice little tips.

Legionfarm’s Guide to Looking For Groups. Do it Right or Suffer the Consequences


Are you still relying on matchmaking in games, hoping it’ll put you in a team with skilled and mature gamers? You need a reality check and a more effective way for finding good players. This is your lucky day, as in this article we’ll be talking about all things LFG and in the end we’re going to let you in on a secret.

Legionfarm’s Overview of Fan Made Stat Trackers for Apex Legends


Ever wished you could compare the results of your last 5 matches or see which of your legends gets the most kills every game? You can do that and find lots more useful info on so-called stat tracker sites online. In this article, we’re going to go over why stat trackers are such useful tools to those seeking to upgrade their skills.

Legionfarm’s Guide to Cold War’s Outbreak Mode


The Legionfarm PROs are back with the latest on everyone’s favorite FPS series! The next season of BOCW contains a massive, writhing horde of undead to slay, on bigger maps than ever before. Read on to learn how to keep the grasping hands of the ravenous dead away for just a little longer than your friends.

6 Tips to Help You Handle Proving Grounds on Grandmaster Easily


Do you still think that the Grandmaster difficulty of Nightfall The Ordeal Strikes isn’t what you should be interested in? Today’s guide will show you how much easier this activity can get if you follow just a few simple steps. With these tips, you will beat the enemy and get all the best loot on the first try, so you’d better not skip our guide!

R1 Shadowhunter Breakdown: How to Get It and Why Should You Do It?


By now, you’ve probably already heard something about the new crossbow that popped up unexpectedly in the game and disappeared shortly after that. Today, we’ll tell you a bit more about that troublemaker and why it is worth a try, as well as share a few details on how to speed up the process of getting it. Enjoy your read!

Call of Duty 2021 Leaked: What Will This Year Bring to the Table?


We have no idea about what will happen this year in the series, but we are already excited about the upcoming changes. Today, we’ll share a bunch of leaks and speculations with you, our fellow players, and tell you a bit more about the best ways to prepare for what’s on the way. Let’s roll!

Best S8 Attachments You Should Play with in Apex Legends


How do attachments work in this game? Let’s agree that this is one of the most confusing topics in the game. Well, not anymore! Our today’s guide will explain all the nuances and details, so next time you go into a match, you’ll know what to look for. Our guide contains all the details on the S8 attachments, so enjoy your read and make sure you find the right attachments for your weapons!

The Ultimate Season 8 Guide for Beginners, Returning Players, and Other Apex Fans


How to play Apex Legends without dying every two seconds? We know how it’s done, and we will share all the tips with you in today’s guide. What kind of loot do you need? How to choose the right legend? What are the best team combinations? The answers to these questions are already available in our guide, so read on and enjoy!

Eavesdropping and Speculating About Call of Duty CW & Warzone Season 3


Can’t wait to hear what’s planned for the next season? Too bad, because the devs are keeping their cards to themselves. But it’s not all that bad. Some people have been digging around, and they’ve found lots of curious information. Join us and uncover where the current events will take us next!

Is Royal Entry the New Meta?


As excited as we are about all the new titles, there is a particular one that might make us forget about the rest of the freshest additions to a large collection of D2 weapons. Its name is Royal Entry, and it seems like it’s on the way to being the Top 1 D2 rocket launcher. Learn more about this beast in our today’s guide.

A Complete Analysis of WoW Shadowlands’ Patch 9.0.5


Intrigues and investigations, mysteries and hidden messages – all of that sounds like a preview of some soap opera? Wrong! This is just us covering the very first patch for Shadowlands. With absolutely zero new content, there's a surprising amount of stuff that's worth talking about. So, join us as we break down everything this patch has delivered.

King Slayer Mode Guide: Get These Kills with Ease


The game brought back King Slayer, so now is the best time for our next guide on Warzone modes and how to play them. We will tell you everything you need to know about the mode, how it works, and how to win in it. We guarantee success in your next match if you read this guide till the end!

The Anvil Receiver Guide: What Is It and How Does It Work?


The Anvil Receiver returns to the game, which means that players will get another opportunity to check out this hop-up and increase the efficiency of their weapons. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about this type of equipment and how to get it. Enjoy your read!

The Chaos Theory Collection Event Has Started


After Mayhem launched, we’ve all been looking forward to the next big event in AL, and it has finally come. Today, we’ll talk about the ongoing event and what kind of changes it brought in. Enjoy your read, and make sure to stay till the end to find out more about the best tactics to play Apex!

Your Ultimate Guide On Destiny 2’s Presage Quest


Hunting down those new Season of the Chosen exotics? Meet Presage – a puzzle-filled, Dead-Space-style quest for you to brave solo or with a group, and Legionfarm is here with a full-on walkthrough to help you start off on the right foot and beat all the encounters to get the terrific Dead Man’s Tale.

10 Tips for a Better Start in Burning Crusade


With all the changes the new expansion is about to bring, it is obviously a good idea to start preparing your characters for what’s to come. We’ve gathered the first batch of 10 most useful tips that will help you not only have a smoother start in the new expansion but set a foundation for your future in TBC Classic.

The Chains of Domination Update Is Almost Here


BlizzConline provided us not only with insights on the upcoming releases but also with details on what the future update for the latest WoW expansion would look like. In today's blog article, we’ll tell you everything that the devs have shared with us during the event and after it. Enjoy all the updates in our guide right here!

More Division 2 Content Is Coming Up This Year


With the whole community convinced that The Division 2 is living its last season, Ubisoft made it perfectly clear that they do not intend to let the game go gentle into that good night. Looks like the new content update is on the way, and here’s everything we know so far.

From The 80s to Warzone: Two Best New Old-School Loadouts


A new season calls for a new meta, and this time is no exception. Season 2 has a couple of badass titles on the roster, so join us as we walk you through the builds for the two most overpowered weapons in the game as of today. Hurry up and use these setups while the devs haven't nerfed them!

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