The Division 2 Warlords of New York Season 4 Is On Its Way


Wakey-wakey, Division 2 fans! The new massive content drop is already on the move. Mark your calendars for December 8 as Title Update 12 and Season 4 are ready to roll out new Manhunt targets, new gear sets and weapons, and a truckload of other goodies. Feel free to learn all the details right here.

The Holo-Bash Event Overview


Santa is out for another month, which means the sweet-tooths all around the world need to be kept busy. And what better way to wait for Santa’s arrival if not by fighting over a holiday locomotive? In this piece you’ll discover what makes this LTM so fun and engaging, so don’t miss out on all the exclusive info!

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Week One To-Do List


The long-awaited Shadowlands blazed the game charts in late November, and the servers are now swarming with players dying to try out everything it has in store. It might be a lot to take in, so here’s our thorough walkthrough on the first Shadowlands post-release week. Hop on and enjoy the read!

The Return of Trials of Osiris and Deep Stone Crypt Weapons Overview


Our favorite Trials are about to come back, and in the meantime, all players are working hard to unlock the new weapons from the latest raid. As you can see, a lot is going on in the community, and we’re ready to fill you in on all of that right here. Find more details and news in our guide!

7 Reasons to Start Playing Beyond Light Today


Have you already bought Beyond Light and tried it out? If your answer is “No”, we are truly surprised: Beyond Light may not be perfect, but it is definitely a great expansion full of adventures and unexpected encounters. Let’s take a quick look at what it has to offer, and who knows, maybe you’ll change your mind?

Our First Look at Call of Duty Cold War


Call of Duty Cold War gives us a well-knit spy thriller with a short but engaging campaign and various vehicle-infused multiplayer modes. With a solid critics score, it received a surprisingly poor reception from players. To find out what this is all about, there’s our first look at Treyarch’s Cold War.

Don’t Look Down Climbing the Olympus in Apex Legends!


How do you feel about being thrown into a beautiful yet so dangerous place such as Apex Legends’ new map? From drifting on a hovering craft to avoiding numerous pitfalls, this place has a lot of hazards. Join us as we take a close look at everything Olympus has to offer and let’s share our impressions with each other.

A Massive WoW Guide for Everyone Waiting for the Expansion


There are so many things happening in WoW right now that it can be extremely easy for you to get lost in such a wide variety of news. But you will not. Wanna know why? Cause we are here to make sure you learn everything important before the release of the next expansion. Find more details right here.

The Community’s Response To Beyond Light


It’s time to face the truth and be vocal. The fans have spoken, and their frustration is clear. In this piece we’re taking a detailed look into everything that’s wrong with this late-autumn’s update and talking about what this means for the future of Destiny 2.

What Are These Blueprints For in CoD?


Have you ever tried to complete a blueprint challenge? Even if you have not, this article is still going to be useful for you. Here you can find our detailed rundown on how the blueprints work. Enjoy the read!

Things to Look For in the Division 2 TU12


The game is soon to receive another big update and it’s going to bring a lot of new items that look pretty OP on paper. So, let’s have a look at what exactly is coming out in the near future and try to guess what kind of Agents all of these items are meant for?

A Cold War Walkthrough: Missions, Weapons, and Other Details


The Cold War release date is getting closer and closer, and in just a few days, on Nov 13th, we will finally get to play the next part of the series we’ve all been patiently waiting for. The new Call of Duty chapter is almost here, and it’s about to change the whole world of CoD and the gameplay we’ve been enjoying for so many years. How can you prepare for this forthcoming event? There is no ultimate solution that will suit every player. Right now, everything you can do is just keep polishing your skills and learning more about the CW. This way, you will not get lost in a variety of tasks and missions after entering the game for the first time.

Escape From Tarkov Patch Overview


How to play Escape from Tarkov when it’s all swarming with bugs? Despite being one of the best hardcore shooters of the decade, EFT can hardly be called perfect. It’s thoroughly thought-out in terms of military simulation, combat logic, and game physics, but considering that the game is technically still going through beta testing, the room for improvement is just enormous. But the devs are getting there.

Destiny 2 Is Ready for Beyond Light, But What About You?


Beyond Light is just around the corner, and every player in the community is already working on the necessary preparations to kick off perfectly. And we all are going to agree that this process is not the easiest one: it takes a lot of time and effort to gather all the gear and reach the needed power level to be able to join other players in the first raid.

From dusk till dawn with one game


Not a while back, there's been a wave of invites from Blizzard to the testing branch to check out the final raid. Those who weren't lucky to get a pick behind the curtains or just couldn't attend had other kinds of news – they learned the last content patch is coming out on the 1st of December. It's a big date, and it's almost time to look back at our adventures and try to remember everything good and bad that happened to this game and to us this past year. Naxxramas location and the actual flying temple of doom aren't going anywhere. If anything, it is approaching rather quickly. On the 1st of December, don't be the one screaming in the global chat, "Where is Naxxramas??" because it won't arrive for another two days from that day. Looking back and counting our accomplishments isn't just a tradition. We've all done this many times whenever another milestone has been achieved by the game. 15 years changed a lot of things.

Bring your A-game in the new season of Apex Legends!


A day ago, we booted up the game, and everything was different. There's a new cinematic, totally distinct main menu. All of those buttons on the sides of the screen suggest that new content is here, and it's bigger than ever. Hell, you know how you learn how to play Apex Legends by going through the tutorial and then having some fun in the firing range? The devs even added a new, time-limited mode where you can learn the new Olympus map. This is a totally fresh approach to Apex Legends gameplay. You wouldn't believe it; in that mode, you jump off with your squad, land somewhere, and then just explore the map at your own free will. Players in the match can't deal any damage to each other, so you're just there running around, exploring with everyone else. Makes you think right away – it's a special time for the game.

What New Is Coming to Destiny 2 with Beyond Light?


As Bungie’s incredible space-based FPS franchise Destiny gears up for yet another expansion on November 10, we the players are still trying to work out what exactly is in store for us. Of course, if we didn’t have Covid-19 to contend with, we would have had the expansion over a month ago, but what can you do? We know that several things are making their departure in favor of newer, fresher content, but said content, for the most part, is still a mystery even though we are merely a fortnight from release.

The Destiny Content Vault: Everything else you need to know


Destiny 2: Beyond Light is less than a week away now and we are focusing our sights on one of the biggest changes in the DLC, the Destiny Content Vault. In our two previous blogs, we discussed Locations, Activities & Legendary Weapons and then Raids, Exotics & Catalysts. In this blog we will cover everything else, from the story in Beyond Light through to the new power and pinnacle caps.

The Destiny Content Vault: Locations, Activities & Legendary Weapons


The next step in Destiny 2’s universe, Beyond Light launches in a week, so we are giving readers the lowdown on the Destiny Content Vault. In the previous article, we discussed the raids, exotics and catalysts going into the vault, but today we will go through the locations, legendary weapons and activities on their way out.

The Destiny Content Vault: Raids, Exotics & Catalysts Guide


With the next step in Destiny 2’s ever-growing universe only a few weeks away, we felt now was the perfect time to go through one of the biggest changes introduced in the new DLC - the Content Vault. Announced in June alongside the next three expansions, the Destiny Content Vault is Bungie’s attempt at reducing the installation size making Destiny 2 easier to develop going forward.

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