Not One But Two Newly-Discovered Hidden Locations In Destiny 2


Who doesn’t like to assume the role of Indiana Jones and be among the first to uncover the mysteries of the never-before-seen places? Join us in this article as we’ll tell you what a fantastic discovery was made merely a couple of days ago in Destiny 2. Learn everything you need to know about how to visit those places and see everything for yourself!

Apex’s Upcoming Season is Going to Change Your Main


The devs from Respawn are preparing something massive for the new season, and it seems like your favorite legend might be affected. We’re giving you a sneak-peak of what’s to come. Learn what legends are targeted to receive a power-up and which ones are getting smacked with the nerf hammer.

Best Cold War Loadouts for All Weapon Classes


What is the best current meta? What sniper rifles or SMGs are now the most sufficient? How can I create a powerful loadout that would actually work out for me? All the best tips on the right loadouts are available right here, so go check out our guide now to know what kind of perks you need to get!

Warzone’s Nastiest Setups


With the recent introduction of CW-era firearms, it is a perfect time to rethink our setups. In this article you’ll learn about the maddest, the baddest gun combos one can have. What can be better than obliterating your enemy with no effort at any distance? Prepare to get your mind blown!

Here Is Your Guide on How to Beat the Grandmaster Nightfalls


Grandmaster Nightfalls returned to the game, so now we are all getting ready to beat the hordes of Champions to get the finest loot the game has to offer once again. What can you do to succeed at it? Learn more tips about GNs and the best ways to beat the challenge right here.

Legionfarm’s Guide to Gearing Up in Shadowlands


So, how’s Shadowlands going for you? Have you already geared up your character? Even if you still have no clue about the best ways to find the right gear and new armor, no worries. Today, we will tell you everything you need to know about gear and the best ways to acquire it. Enjoy the guide!

What Does the Future Hold for Destiny 2?


The year is over, so now is the best time to discuss future changes and updates. What will the next season in D2 look like? Will there be any major changes? All of that, as well as many other questions, is going to be discussed in our blog today. Enjoy more details on Season 13 and the future of Destiny 2 right here!

Seasons 8 & 9 in Apex: What’s Gonna Happen Now?


Season 7 will end in a few weeks, which means that it is time for us to prepare for the next one. What kind of changes will the game experience? Are there any new updates you should be aware of? We have gathered all the details here, so you won’t have to look for them anywhere else. Enjoy!

8 Best Destiny 2 Weapons To Buy From The Exotic Kiosk


Destiny 2’s Exotic Archive shop received quite mixed reviews from the community, but let’s face the truth: If you haven’t bothered yourself with grinding out the old Exotics before the vaulting, the Kiosk is now your only chance to get them. But what guns to pick? Read our guide to find out!

The Hawkmoon Questline Walkthrough & Tips


Have you already heard the news? Hawkmoon is back, and now all players got a chance to play with it again! We are ready to share all the tricks and tips on how to do that, so after reading our guide, you will see how much easier this quest will seem. Find more details on Hawkmoon right here!

Cold War Season One Detailed


Treyarch has started the very 1st season of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. It launches with a pack of fresh updates such as new zombies modes and guns for you to enjoy when you play with pros! We’ll cover those and tell you all the latest Cold War news and other important details you shouldn’t sleep on.

The Dawning 2020 Full Guide


Do you like Christmas? Cookies? Getting rewards? Then we have great news for you! All these three things make a bombshell combo in The Dawning 2020 Event, and you have a great chance to take in that holiday spirit, treating yourself to a bunch of Christmas gifts in your favorite Destiny 2. And Legionfarm will teach you how.

The Great Vault of Shadowlands: What Is It And How To Manage It?


You must have noticed that the weekly chests have gone away and a new replacement for them has been implemented. What is this replacement and how does it work? How not to get disappointed by your results by the end of the week? These and my other questions are answered in this article!

Shadowlands News Digest: Players’ Achievements, Recent Hotfixes & Upcoming Class Tuning


Tons of new content and many newcomers are invading Shadowlands these days. Three weeks since the launch, and Blizzard's fan-favorite brainchild is at its peak popularity, but there’s no time for us to relax as the devs are not done with tweaks and releases yet. Read our Shadowlands News digest to be kept in the loop!

Legionfarm’s Guide on How to Conquer Torghast with Ease


Torghast is live, and most of the community is already trying to complete the dungeon and fight off the hordes of mobs. If you’re still not doing that, our guide will help you figure out how to start your journey. Learn all the details about Torghast and beat this challenge without even a single drop of sweat!

The Heroes Behind Legionfarm’s Play With A PRO Service


Whether you’re a happy Legionfarm customer or just thinking about trying out a session with a pro, it’s time for you to meet those who work day and night to make that in-game time of yours the one to remember. Here they are, Earth’s Mightiest heroes of professional gaming. Let’s get acquainted!

19 Meta Weapons You Need to Add to Your Arsenal Right Now


What are the finest, most powerful, and simply the best weapons in Destiny 2? Today, we will let you in on the biggest secret. Right here, we’ll break down 19 weapons that can be rightfully called the Beyond Light meta. If you are ready to find a perfect weapon, our guide on D2 meta guns will help you out right away!

Update on the Warzone’s Sneaky New Season


Haven’t we waited long enough already? The devs even took away the old battle pass, leaving us with nothing but promises. If you want to know exactly what to expect from the next big thing in Warzone, then this is the article for you! Let’s talk about everything that’s coming to the game sooner than we think.

What’s New on Call of Duty Cold War: Bugs, Map Leaks, and Season One Delay


Reacting to the fans’ feedback on the lack of maps, the devs promised to deliver some new ones but have been playing cards very close to the chest, leaving us with mere guesses and occasional leaks. To fill you in on all the news, here’s everything we know about new CoD maps and current bugs so far.

Legionfarm’s Guide to Plundering Naxxramas


World of Warcraft Classic’s story has reached its end and Blizzard has delivered Naxxramas in all its original challenge and glory. Read to learn about the game’s final raid, the bosses and their origins, and all the ways that Legionfarm is here to help you see your favorite MMO through to the end.

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