Meet TTV_TheRev - LegionFarm PRO in Apex Legends


Howdy guys! It’s been a while since we last posted about our best PRO players and you might have thought that we ran out of good stories to tell, but fear not – there are many more amazing players on our platform, and we’ll keep sharing their stories with you!

On that note, meet ttv_TheRev – a skilled athlete both in gaming and traditional sports!

Ross Mackay, aka ttv_TheRev, is a 20-year-old pro gamer from Scotland. Playing video games casually as a child, Ross was growing up nowhere near competitive or even multiplayer gaming. Most of his childhood was filled with traditional sports, such as rugby, football, darts, badminton, and as a natural athlete, he easily won many tournaments in these and various other sports, but they weren’t nearly as thrilling for him as having a blast in virtual worlds.

In the streaming business for 2 years now, Ross started off with PlayStation story-based titles and a couple of co-op games, together with his older brother. However, his gaming life took a sharp turn when Apex Legends was released. From that moment, all he wanted to taste and breathe was Apex. Working two jobs as a pastry chef and a waiter, Ross had to take some breaks from his in-game adventures, but every time he came back, he would claim higher ranks and rack up more kills to finally make it to the top of Apex leaderboards:

  • 3,265 wins
  • 54,122 kills
  • 4.55 KDA
  • seasoned Apex Predator

“It’s always been a dream of mine to play games and stream professionally,” shares Ross. “I try to be as consistent as possible to reach my aspiration. I’ve always kept myself motivated as later my mates moved to other games and I stuck to Apex cuz I really wanted to improve and reach a high level in the game.”

This is the guy who solo-queued to Predator in Season 3 just to make sure he had the skill level to be a fit for Pred lobbies and go pro! And here he is now, a LegionFarm PRO for 6 months, with 217 sessions and a 4.99-star rating on the platform!


“It’s been such a great experience!” says Ross. “I have enjoyed every moment as I'm a very talkative person, so meeting new people with such varied personalities and gameplay enhances my own experience a lot. LegionFarm changed my life in so many ways! My dream is turning into reality as now I can stream everyday and earn money while coaching and playing Apex.”

Wanna play with ttv_TheRev? Head to and book your session!

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