Meet Kiuy - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


How’s it going Latin America? Ready to cheer for one of your esports stars today? That’s right, let’s have it for our amazing Chilean Warzone pro Kiuy!

Pablo, aka Kiuy, is a 28-year-old pro gamer from Chile. Always up for some competition, Pablo used to be a basketball star back in his school days, but sadly an injury forced him to quit. Nevertheless, he carried this competitive spirit all the way to esports, taking the opportunity and turning it into a successful career.

“Gaming made me feel like I never left and I have been going at it ever since,” shares Pablo.

Keen on shooters and battle royale games, Pablo made a big name for himself on the Warzone esports scene. Here are some of his brightest achievements, and oh man, it’s just the tip of an iceberg:

  • Torneo DIDI Warzone – winner
  • Gulag Kings by Samsung – winner
  • Wicked IGT – winner
  • Warzone Tournament by DruidGaming – two-time winner
  • Digital Esports – four-time winner, also placed second and third (two times)
  • UEA CoD Warzone Community – winner
  • Nuestro Torneo Categoría Superior – #2
  • Galactic Tournament – #2
  • Susuerte Fest – #2
  • XpressCUP Warzone – #2
  • Tarreo XpressCUP – #2
  • CodeRED qualifiers – #5

Over 6 years of his pro gaming journey, Pablo has gained unmatched experience and polished his skills to the ultimate levels, so it should come as no surprise to see him as a Top 0.1% Warzone player now:

  • 5,892 Matches
  • 1,976 wins
  • 69,451 kills
  • 5.44 K/D
  • 56,643,392 score
  • 33.5% win rate

Working with LegionFarm for almost a year now, Pablo has already claimed his VIP status with 476 sessions delivered and a 5-star rating rightfully earned.


“I have loved every second of it,” he says about his LegionFarm career. “I've met people I will call friends for life here. Having the opportunity to meet new people every day while making a living is something I won't ever forget, this platform truly changed my life and I'm so excited to see what's next.”

Wanna play with Kiuy? Head to and hit him up for a session!

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