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Hey guys, how’s the summertime treating y’all? Set a bit of time aside with a nice cold drink and come and check out the story of our pal Invictus and his awesome League of Legends and Warzone achievements!

Kaan Gürel, aka Invictus, is a 26-year-old senior university student, majoring in English Language and Literature at Atatürk University. Sociable as much as a couch potato, Kaan equally loves hanging out with friends and staying in, frequently opting for online forms of entertainment. However, there’s always been one thing in his life that bridges both his introvert and extrovert sides – gaming.

Kaan started playing video games at the age of 6 with Counter Strike 1.1. With only one computer at home, he and his brother used to take turns to have their game time. “It was like if you die 6 times, you’re out,” Kaan recalls. “And of course being a young one, you don't have so much power, so I really held on to those 6 lives.”

Time went by, and soon young Kaan noticed his everyday in-game performance was getting better and better. Whatever he played, he inevitably made it to the highest levels, be it DOTA or a shooter. The release of League of Legends pretty much ignited his esports career: A solid DOTA player, Kaan took to his new LoL playground really smoothly, diving into all those local weekly tourneys headfirst. But his achievements do not end there: a League of Legends Turkey Armina regional champ and mid-laner for the Atatürk University League of Legends team, Kaan also was the third best Akali player and the top Xin Zhao in the world back in the days.

The thought of playing and competing on global levels, with thousands of people watching and rooting has been driving Kaan since his early gaming years and is what led him to where he is now: #3 on the Turkish Warzone trios kill race tournament, a Top 0.1% and one of Turkey’s finest Warzone players!

  • 4,093 matches
  • 1,380 wins
  • 49,284 kills
  • 6.24 K/D
  • 48,258,660 score
  • 33.7% win rate

Celebrating his 4-month anniversary with LegionFarm on July 14, Invictus is our top-rated VIP player with 354 sessions and a 4.99-star rating.


“It’s impossible not to like it here,” he says about his work at LF. “LegionFarm gave me not only income but also the opportunity to learn different cultures and languages and meet with awesome management crew, other beastly Pro players and, of course, lovely customers, always hungry for learning new things!”

When asked how LegionFarm changed his life, Kaan says that the word “change” will not be strong enough to describe the upgrade the company has provided him with.

“HUGE IMPACT on my life will be a better wording,” he suggests. “Before LegionFarm I wasn't proud of myself cuz I’ve always felt like I'm a burden to my family. Of course, they never told me anything like that, but, you know, sometimes I just got that feeling. And now I don’t. Now I am proud of myself in every way. I was a kid before, but now I have become a man. In my life I’ve always dreamed about being a professional gamer and now, thanks to LegionFarm, my dreams came true!”

Wanna play with Invictus? Head to and hit him up for a session!

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