Meet SlobaFPS - LegionFarm PRO in Apex Legends


Hey guys, how are you enjoying those Diamond lobbies? Prolly all tough and sweaty, right? Well, our buddy here SlobaFPS makes every Apex Legends run, be it Diamond or even higher, seem like a walk in the park, so let’s send the man a warm greeting!

Sloba Marinovic, aka SlobaFPS, is a 31-year-old Apex PRO from Serbia. Gaming his whole life, Sloba is an avid FPS player with a knack for Half Life and Counter Strike 1.6. A LAN tourney regular, proud participant of the Hungarian DreamHack and a highest-level FACEIT and ESEA combatant in CS:GO with his boss Global Elite rank.

Apex Legends was his first-ever battle royale game, but due to a wealth of prior FPS experience, he felt at home in the Frontier’s Outlands from day one. With 4,000+ hours of playtime, Sloba managed to make his way up the Ranked ladder and hit Predator multiple times, racking up a terrific kill score and a very impressive win rate:

  • 7,872 matches
  • 25,128 kills
  • 3.8 KDA
  • 2,562 wins

“I always had a passion for gaming and during the pandemic I committed even more time to playing games,” Sloba shares. “Through my friend I heard about the LegionFarm platform and I have been working there since December.”

Half a year on the team, and Sloba already nailed 504 orders with a 4.99-star rating and a well-earned VIP status.


Having served in the army for 5 years, Sloba skillfully puts his real-life military knowledge into his gaming sessions, teaching our customers to dominate the Apex Legends battlefields with any weapon and in any tactical scenario. “Right now I am living my childhood dream,” he told us. “Playing games and getting paid for it. At LegionFarm I have made a lot of friends and I'm happy to say that this community represents my second family and an important part of my life.”

Wanna play with SlobaFPS? Head to and book your session!

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