Meet lxMagicxl - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


Are you guys ready for some Magic? No wizards and wands this time around, but here’s our buddy lxMagicxl and he can work miracles in Warzone!

Daniel Farkas is a 27-year-old PRO player from Hungary. Daniel has a long history of playing FPS games, Call of Duty in particular, and setting records that are hard to match. He rummaged through the Battlefields series, made it to the world’s Top-3 in CrossFire together with his clan, and played War Thunder for 3 years, with around 10,000 hours of playtime and 15 victories in game championships with his killer squad. Three-time Apex Legends Predator and a Top-60 player in Modern Warfare by multiplayer kills, Daniel has gone all the way from the first Call of Duty title to the fourth part of the franchise in his early gaming ages, so when Warzone was released, him making it his new playground came as no surprise.

“When I start one game, I try to be the best at it,” Daniel shares.

“Try” is not the right word here ‘cause lxMagicxl really is one of the best Warzone players, with more than 110 days of playtime and these beastly stats that make our casual gamers’ eyes grow wide with awe:

  • 7,767 matches
  • 2,525 wins (Top 0.1%)
  • 71,186 kills (Top 0.1%)
  • 4.73 K/D
  • 65,062,076 score (Top 0.1%)
  • 32.5% win rate

“I did start playing Warzone with my multiplayer buddies when the pandemic started and I just kept winning games until that wonderful day when one of the LegionFarm managers found me,” Daniel recalls. “Now I can share the happiness that winning games gives me.”

Having joined the LegionFarm platform in late September 2020 with 900 wins, now Daniel is one of our most active and highly-rated PROs: a 4.99-star rating, VIP status, 1,098 completed orders (and counting!), and dozens of happy customers waiting for their next MAGICal session!


Daniel will not only entertain you with a lovely conversation but also teach you how to snipe out a third of the map and rack up a two-digit kill count, all that while being nice and helpful.

“I love making them happy and it brings me joy when I see the clients doing what I taught them earlier. Overall, I love when the client is happy and they achieve what they looked for in the session.”

A former CNC operator, Daniel says that LegionFarm changed his lifestyle a great deal. Working regular hours, he had to wake up at dawn to start his 6 am shift at the factory and finish at noon to play video games till midnight, but sadly never making any money from it as it was just a hobby. Late-night gaming and early-morning shifts were not the healthiest routine, and quite often Daniel was not at the top of his game with a regular 4.5-hours of sleep. With LegionFarm, it’s been a whole different story.

“My Hobby is now my Job. I sleep 6-8 hours and I earn weekly my previous job monthly payment,” says Daniel. “Honestly, I can't ask for more.”

Wanna play with lxMagicxl? Head to and book your session!

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