Meet nP_Fangs-K98 - LegionFarm PRO in Apex Legends


Calling out to all of our South American gamer friends! Here’s your homeboy nP_Fangs-K98 today, and his pro story would be a shame not to share.

Ricardo Gutiérrez, aka FangsK98, is a 26-year-old pro player from South America, Chile. A native Spanish speaker, Ricardo used to be a university English teacher, which means he's very skilled in it. Sharing his life between two great passions, which are soccer and gaming, he is a former captain and goalkeeper of his local team and an expert PlayStation user rolled into one.

“Gaming was just a hobby,” says Ricardo. “I never really saw this as something important, but when I met the best players on my server I discovered a new passion – competitive gameplay.”

Hooked on playing competitively right from the start, he set out on a long and thorny path of polishing his skill and ascending to professional levels of gaming. Luckily enough, he had good mentors and reliable teammates to learn from, which propelled him to the very tops of Apex Legends leaderboards and gave way to his very own coaching streak.

  • Top 1 Chile Apex console player
  • multi-season Apex Predator (Seasons 6, 7, 8 & first Season 9 split)
  • 29,758 kills
  • 2,058 wins
  • 3.0 KDA

Able to face off against the best PS4 players and eager to help others improve, Ricardo made a terrific addition to the LegionFarm pro player team. With us for 6 months now, he’s claimed his VIP status and successfully delivered 276 flawless 5-star sessions.


“I'm enjoying this job so much,” shares Ricardo. “It's like a dream. Playing video games, leading, teaching and speaking English – doing everything I love so much. For example, I am combining my English and teaching skills with my gaming knowledge, therefore helping people to get better at the game. I have brothers and friends in LegionFarm and I love this place!”

Wanna play with nP_Fangs-K98? Head to and hit him up for a session!

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