Meet Jookonad - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


You never know who you might come across on the streets of Verdansk. A decorated esports champ, a gaming student, a real-life soldier… or Jookonad – a baker, agricultural engineer and badass LegionFarm Warzone PRO all at once!

Talat, aka Jookonad, is a twenty-six-year-old from Turkey. In the video game world since the first day he laid his hands on a keyboard and mouse, Talat is experienced enough in all genres, be it your regular shooter or a MOBA, but battle royales are where he finds his skills paying off the most. And it looks like a passion for gaming runs in the family – Talat’s brother is a pro gamer as well, so you better watch out for that dynamic duo next time you drop onto Warzone’s playgrounds!

Apart from gearing up as a Call of Duty operator, Talat works a day job, fathers two cats and travels the world whenever he can – all that while maintaining a Top 0.1% score and killcount in Warzone!

  • 5,046 matches
  • 1,010 wins
  • 56,550 kills
  • 5.0 K/D
  • 47,702,832 score
  • 20% win rate

Excited to share his in-game knowledge with casual players and make money from doing what he really loves, Talat joined LegionFarm in December 2020, which has brought him to 538 sessions to date and a 5-star rating from our happy customers.


Working at LF part-time, Talat says that balancing two jobs has made him more disciplined. And that’s not the only thing LegionFarm has blessed him with.

“This is my dream job,” he shares. “I improved my English. I met many people from other countries and learned about their culture. At the same time I improved my own game style.”

Wanna play with Jookonad? Head to and book your session!

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