Meet Zaym1n - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


How are you today dear gamers? Ready to meet one more LegionFarm PRO star? We bet you are, so here’s our badass Zaym1n for y’all!

Muharrem Kulaksiz, aka Zaym1n, is a 26-year-old Warzone pro player from Turkey. Open-minded and bright, Muharrem graduated from Ankara University with a degree in computer programming and is now studying Translation and Interpretation at Atılım University.

A natural gamer from youth, he first tried his hand at first-person shooters with Counter Strike 1.1 and fell in love with the genre from the very first mouse-click. Somewhere around his teenage years, Muharrem started to take part in local CS tournaments, which marked the beginning of his competitive gaming career. Tons of wins, always a solid place as a Top-3, and that was just a little bit of Muharrem’s power.

Shortly after, other game genres added to his ever-growing experience. Dota 2 and World of Tanks as one of the best Super Unicum EU server players, then PUBG and CS:GO with the Global Elite rank, and finally Warzone where Muharrem got off to a flying start.

“When it [Warzone] first came out, my plan wasn't to be professional or competitive,” he recalls. “But then I realized that I could get 20+ kills easily and I could transfer my sniper skills from CSGO to Warzone.”

The thought of making it to the very top was too alluring to resist, especially for such a high-achiever like Muharrem. His sharp reflexes and tactical mind, noticed both by friends and in-game opponents, created an opportunity to go pro in Warzone, and after much reflection, Muharrem decided to give it a try. And on he went to finally earn his way to the Top-3 in the Turkish Warzone leaderboards by K/D and win rate and Top-5 worldwide by headshot kills. His other stats, however, are no less impressive:

  • 4,722 matches
  • 1,381 wins
  • 60,077 kills
  • 6.36 K/D
  • 54,580,280 score
  • 29.2% win rate

Such a talent was more than a perfect fit for LegionFarm, so in November 2020 Muharrem became a part of our team. 476 sessions on the meter and counting and dozens of happy clients – that says it all.


“It [LegionFarm] totally changed my life because I'm making money by doing what I love to do which is playing games and I can live with the money I earn,” Muharrem told us. “Besides that I met tons of people on this platform, we became friends with most of them and from then I felt like the world isn't about my street or my city, now I can chitchat with someone from the other side of the world while we're playing the game we like, and after an hour I find myself with someone else from another country. It feels like we're teleporting to each other's rooms for that moment and sharing that fun together.”

So how about teleporting into Warzone together with Zaym1n and racking up some kills? Head to and book your unforgettable session now!

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