Meet Xathritess - LegionFarm PRO in Apex Legends


Are you ready for a story about one of our amazing Apex PROs today? Meet Xathritess – an AGLS winner and the guy you’d definitely want to have covering your back in those Diamond+ lobbies!

Abbas Vahabzadeh, aka Xathritess, 23 years old, is an Apex Legends PRO currently living in Turkey. Into gaming for about 17 years already, Abbas started his journey with Sega and went competitive at the age of 14 with Dota and Counter Strike 1.6.

“One could say that professional gaming has always been the dream career for me,” Abbas told us.

Throughout his gaming adventures, he has gained tons of experience in various genres and well-known titles, such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Valorant, hitting a high rank in the latter two. It’s safe to say, though, that his esports career really took off with Overwatch where he peaked at a Top-500 World ranking. Then Apex Legends saw the light of day and so did Abbas’s greatest achievements. A Top-300 player, Abbas has been a tournament regular ever since the game’s release. Having gained both trophies and experience in the process, he finally managed to win the ALGS Middle East tournament as the IGL of his team, all while maintaining incredible stats:

  • Multi-seasonal Apex Predator
  • 3.33 KDA
  • 1,600 wins
  • 22,191 kills

With the LegionFarm fam for about 6 months now, Xathritess has already claimed VIP status on the platform, with 334 sessions played.


Having a life-long passion to help out those who are looking to start a career in gaming, Abbas takes great pleasure in coaching. “It has always been one of my dreams to one day find out that someone I coached has achieved something great in their career and is doing well for themselves and I have been able to help them live their dreams,” he says.

Working at LF has given Abbas a long-awaited chance to make use of his skill and do what he’s always wanted to do. “LegionFarm is a great opportunity for me, a chance to be able to follow my passion and share my experience to hopefully achieve my dream of helping people to get better in the game that they love.”

Wanna play with Xathritess? Head to and hit him up for a session!

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