Meet yr0km4ta - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


LegionFarm’s Portuguese Pro-player community is quite big and not quite yet done revealing its brightest stars. Here’s our terrific yr0km4ta, so let’s say your warmest and loudest Olá to him!

Paulo Sequeira, aka yr0km4ta, is a 30-year-old pro player from Portugal. A former check-in agent and flight dispatcher at the Lisbon airport, Paulo is an avid cinema lover with a knack for driving, but there’s one thing he loves more than car trips and movies – his greatest passion and the place where his heart truly belongs has always been gaming.

16 years in and counting, Paulo is indeed a battle-hardened FPS player, now rightfully residing among the Top 0.1% of Warzone players worldwide:

  • 5,699 matches
  • 1,155 wins
  • 41,105 kills
  • 3.31 K/D
  • 40,791,284 score
  • 20.3% win rate

Having reached a gaming mastery that’s hard to rival, Paulo decided to take his pro gamer career to the next level and move on to passing his profound Warzone knowledge to other players.

“Since I got a lot of experience, it's really great to have the opportunity to teach everything to new players that are struggling to improve at battle royale games,” he says.

A LegionFarm pro since last year’s March, Paulo is not only a VIP player but also one of our clients’ favorites, with 367 sessions played and a 5-star rating that speaks volumes of how good of a coach he is.


“There are not even words to describe it,” he told us when asked about his time here at LF. “It's just amazing how many good players this community has and how big this family is! There's a lot of different pro-players and a lot of different game styles you can learn and create your own way to be crackin’ at this game!”

With LegionFarm now being his one and only job, Paulo is happy to see his skills pay off and is even happier to help others improve their game.

Wanna play with yr0km4ta? Head to and hit him up for a session!

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