Meet raphasd - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


Ever heard the phrase “the sky's the limit”? Well, for our buddy raphasd the sky is more of his element and definitely not the limit – a real-life pilot with amazing Warzone stats is here for you today!

Raphael Dipold, aka raphasd, is a 25-year-old executive aviation pilot from Brazil. Always passionate about gaming, Raphael has become an expert in shooters over the years: H1Z1, PUBG, CS:GO, and others, with only the highest ranks and stats at the tops of leaderboards. Counter Strike Global Offensive, though, deserves a special mention as it set Raphael’s esports career off to a flying start. 7,000+ hours of playtime on different platforms, the Global Elite rank, and facing off against pro players paved his way to professional gaming to later on switch to Warzone and claim his title as a Top 0.1% of the game’s best:

  • 3,974 matches
  • 1,632 wins
  • 41,443 kills
  • 5.41 K/D
  • 39,322,448 score
  • 41.2% win rate

“I always knew that I had potential to play among the best but never quite completely jumped into it,” Raphael shares. “Until I got to know LegionFarm and the opportunities around it.”

A part of the LF PRO team for almost 8 months now, raphasd has nailed 520 sessions with a terrific 4.99-star rating from his clients.


Raphael describes his time with LegionFarm as “the best gaming experience that he has ever had.” Juggling flights around the country and working as a professional gaming coach, he’s more than happy with where he’s standing, especially at times like these.

“LegionFarm gave me the opportunity to enjoy the best of my skills as a gamer and made all the effort of working to get better worth it. Being able to be productive while doing something that you love is extremely gratifying!”

Wanna play with raphasd? Head to and hit him up for a session!

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