Meet zorteip - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


There are three things you can look at endlessly: fire burning, water falling... and us posting about our best and brightest PRO players! Next up in line is zorteip – a wakeboard enthusiast, soon-to-be engineer and one-man-army in Warzone!

Pietro Zapani, aka zorteip, is a 24-year-old Brazilian, graduating in Mechatronics Engineering and absolutely smashing it on the streets of Verdansk when he drops in as a Call of Duty operator. Working as a lifeguard on his home island and doing an internship for his graduation, Pietro is an avid beachgoer keen on sports. Skateboarding, bodysurfing, trekking, wakeboarding, you name it, and Pietro is great at and passionate about almost any water or non-team summer sport. But there’s also a competitive streak to his nature, which shows every time he gives himself over to FPS games.

Always aiming nowhere lower than the highest levels and ranks, Pietro mastered CS:GO, Rocket League, and Fortnite. Able to play on a professional level even with a base-model PC, he took it even further in Warzone, competing in and winning several local tournaments with his team. They broke two kill records in Brazil with 86 kills in trios and 109 kills in quads, and for the past month, Pietro was ranked TOP 1 in the weekly leaderboards for three weeks in a row. And his stats are self-explanatory, to say the least:

  • 5,228 matches
  • 1,265 wins (Top 0.1%)
  • 51,389 kills (Top 0.1%)
  • 5.02 K/D
  • 43,913,340 score (Top 0.1%)
  • 24.2% win rate

Despite Pietro always delivering a top-notch performance, the tournament earnings were hardly enough to live off of. But everything changed when he joined LegionFarm in mid-November 2020.

“I'm working with what I love to do, meeting awesome people,” Pietro says. “And I also have the luxury of doing things that I want to do now.”

The luxury is ours, dear zorteip, of having you as our PRO! For around 8 months of his career as a LegionFarm coach, Pietro aced 627 sessions and can boast an unrivaled 5-star rating on the platform.


“The best part of becoming a Pro with Legionfarm is that I can help my family now,” Pietro told us. “They were in a very bad situation because of Covid and other hardships associated with it. Now I can help support them. My mom and I have been through thick and thin together ever since I was a kid so I have no words to describe how good it is being able to help her now. I'm super happy with what I'm doing, I can do my own schedule, I meet awesome people, I can practice wakeboarding, that is one thing that I couldn't do before, and I can pay bills. My life is much better now!”

Wanna play with zorteip? Head to and book your session!

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