Leaks, Updates, and Other Things You Need to Know About Apex Season 8


Season 8 will kick off in just a few days, so now is the best time to talk about what’s coming, changing, and going away in the game. It might be hard to wrap our heads around all these updates and fresh in-game additions, but we’ll try our best to break down everything to you in detail. Enjoy your read!

Season 8 In Apex Legends Is Almost Here

Things have been pretty calm and silent in Apex Legends for the last few weeks, but that’s about to change. Season 8 is going live next week, which means that now is the time to discuss the recent updates and possible changes that still haven’t been confirmed. How will this Apex Legends ranked season go? Will there be a new Apex Legends character? All these, as well as many other questions, are going to be answered today.


New Apex Legends Characters, Maps, and Other S8 Updates

The new Apex Legends season features a few fresh additions that we are about to discuss right now. What will S8 treat us to? Learn more details right here.

Who is Fuse?

After Horizon joined the band, every Apex Legends new character will now have many expectations to live up to. Fuse is a new legend, and we believe that he might be just as strong as Horizon.

Fuse comes from a planet called Salvo. This guy is really into fights: for most of his life, he was competing in all sorts of championships and other fighting competitions. And, of course, he was always the winner (well, at least most of the time). His decision to participate in Apex Games led to many disagreements between him and his friends, but he is not the kind of person who would give up on their dreams just because someone is jealous of their success.

From Fuse’s name and his backstory, it is clear that this legend’s main abilities will be mostly about blowing up stuff. What’s interesting about this character is that he was leaked almost two years ago back in 2019. The name and abilities were just the same as we have them now. There is not much time left until the start of the season, so we all are about to see what this character will bring to the table.

Season Pass hasn’t changed

The Apex Battle Pass will cost 960 coins, which is an old price for all seasonal passes. S8 Battle Pass will include all sorts of items, legendary skins, as well as tons of other goodies you shouldn’t miss on.

A new gun is almost here

The 30-30 Repeater is about to enter the game, and this lever-action rifle seems like the right pick for any battle. There is still not much info on the gun, but it does look interesting for sure. We’ll see how it’s going to perform in real combat pretty soon.

Not a new map, but something even better

The Kings Canyon Apex map will go through a couple of tweaks in the future season. The map will get a new location called Crash Site, which is basically just a gunship that’s been destroyed a long time ago. Some locations are gone for good but, on the bright side, the map will feature a few new elements, including zip lines and secret hideouts, the places where you can find legendary weapons and other useful tools for the match.

Is there anything else you need to know about?

We’ve covered almost everything that’s been mentioned on the official website; however, there are a few leaks left that are worth your attention. Let’s take a closer look at what’s been datamined to appear in the Apex Legends new season in the next section down below.


Apex Legends News and Leaks That Are Yet to Be Confirmed

There are many other questions that still haven’t gotten an answer. Let’s start with the first one. Will there be an Apex Legends new map or at least a revamped version of the old maps? Not during the current season and maybe not even in the next one, but the Apex universe will keep expanding this year, that’s for sure.

When it comes to the characters, we can say for certain that every season will be introducing a new legend. Last time it was Apex Horizon; this time around, it’s Fuse. Many legends are currently going through the process of buffing and nerfing, so our favorite characters might turn out to be a little different by the end of the year. For more info on these upcoming buffs and nerfs, take a look at our article.

The same thing goes for Apex Legends weapons. There will be some new guns, as well as some nerfs and buffs for the ones that are playable right now.

Will there be any new Apex Legends game modes? A few data-miners confirmed that there would be a couple of new modes, but probably not all of them will be coming to the game in S8. These are Team Deathmatch, Ranked Solos, and other modes that will appear in the game during the anniversary event.

There is another interesting thing that data-miners have recently found. It seems that the devs are planning something for us, which appears to be an anniversary collection. Red and black are the color theme, and most of the legends will get theme-colored skins. The most recent additions to the game, like Horizon, Rampart, and Loba, won’t be receiving any.

Will there be even more updates? We’ll see about that. The amount of changes is overwhelming, so it will take some time to get used to them all. And to make sure that this process goes smoothly for you, consider playing the game with Legionfarm’s pro players to learn a few useful tricks and have a nice head start in the new season.


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Apex Legends keeps getting more and more updates, which is definitely great to hear. For more news on the patch notes, new meta, and other changes, make sure to check our blog at least once per week to see what’s going on in the community at the moment.

We hope you guys enjoyed our quick guide on news and leaks. Stay safe, and see you in the next Apex season!

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