Apex’s Upcoming Season is Going to Change Your Main


The devs from Respawn are preparing something massive for the new season, and it seems like your favorite legend might be affected. We’re giving you a sneak-peak of what’s to come. Learn what legends are targeted to receive a power-up and which ones are getting smacked with the nerf hammer.

Things are Accelerating for Apex Legends

Ah, this beautiful moment comes once again. The moment when the current season nears its lifecycle, and it’s time to look forward and, most of all, speculate. As this is still too early for any official announcements, the data miners and fans take each dev’s interviews into words trying to find the secret meaning. Fortunately for us, this time, there’s really something to talk about. As anticipated the new stuff may be, we have to admit, that sometimes, even the slightest changes to our favorite characters are the salt of the earth in every update. So today, we’re talking about exactly that.

Respawn is closely monitoring the Apex Legends meta, and, based on the feedback they manage to gather, they are trying their best to implement the best possible tweaks to make the legends better and not worse. That, we must admit, is very hard to do most of the time. Among the candidates for a change, there are some that made the devs scratch their heads thinking about how to not mess things up, so we’ll start from such a character. You know her, you love her, it’s your friendly French girl Wattson. You can learn how to play Apex Legends and win without her, but in the right hands, she’s an almost 100% guarantee for your squad to remain the last one standing. As it currently stands in the Apex game, she’s in a very curious position…


All the Apex Legends Characters We Wanted to Change

The thing with her is that she is barely seen being picked in either Casual or Ranked modes. However, at the same time, she is among the top-5 legends with the most wins. So it is a problem for the devs to make the change that doesn’t break her toolset. They’ve come to realize that the main issue with her is that her toolkit is just not fun. The community also has been discussing Wattson’s situation and one user suggested adding the toggle option to her fences. Believe it or not, but the devs actually agreed that this might be just the thing to make her gameplay a bit spicier.

Next, we have a nerf for Wraith Apex Legends. We all know what made her the number 1 legend of all times. She’s rather short and she’s elusive as heck! Put these two factors together, and as a result, you get a girl you won’t be able to hit. The devs claimed they are going to get her “under control” in Season 8. Most likely, it means that some hitbox changes will occur.

Much like Wattson Apex Legends, our beloved, skingbag-loving hunk of hitman Revenant Apex Legends have caused the devs to stay on the fence regarding his changes. They admit that the team hasn’t come up with a good tweak for him. One thing we do know is that his rather large hitbox could use some tweaking as well.


Apex Legends Revenant is Getting Slicker

Now, let’s talk about the still-new Apex Legends hero, the sweetheart Horizon. Our girl has managed to push Wraith down the #1 Legend pedestal, which is a big enough cause for a nerf. Let’s be honest, how would you feel about the new girl on the block pushing down the strongest girl on the block? It makes you think that there’s something wrong with the new girl. It seems that Apex Legends Horizon is feeling a bit too comfortable sitting atop of her tactical ability. What’s worse, it allows her to heal up or recharge shields while constantly strafing left and right, making her a very hard target. Admittedly, nerfing her tactical could absolutely ruin the fun, so the developers are looking into subtler changes. For example, maybe they could change the speed at which she can move around being on top of her tactical to be an easier target to hit. Or maybe they will just tune her hitbox, which proved to be a solid approach when it comes to taking the win rate under control without taking away any of the fun factors. What will it be? Only the time will show. One thing is for sure, she will get that nerf in Apex Legends new season.


Scavenging for Apex Legends News

All of this news for Apex Legends Season 8 must be pretty exciting! And we don’t even know what theme it will be. But you can’t deny it’s kind of fun to sit there and talk about what hero we want to see next, searching for some clues and rumors. Of course, news of balance changes and nerfs like Apex Horizon are also very interesting. You can’t get a single game where someone won’t complain about how that ginger is overpowered. Revenant has also become much stronger since the day he got unleashed, but still, this buff he’s going to receive is very much welcomed. His toolkit is complicated enough, and it encourages an aggressive style of gameplay, yet it almost never pays off. We’re hoping that our favorite heroes will get a new spin soon. So, while we’re all waiting, how about a little buff for ourselves? It’s a great time to flex your skill, get that Apex Legends LFG, and show them who’s the king of the hill. Or try pro coaching sessions to get more comfortable with some stuff you’ve been struggling with. Try new tactics, improve rotations, train aim. All of that is available with our carry services at legionfarm.com. Don’t waste time sitting around doing nothing while your legends are working out their balance issues. Go to the Legionfarm website, get buffed, and show everyone who’s the real legend in this town!

And on this powerful note, we’d like to thank y’all for reading this little news article. Please share with us who you would personally nerf or buff down in the comments section below. Once again, thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you in the next one!

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