Best S8 Attachments You Should Play with in Apex Legends


How do attachments work in this game? Let’s agree that this is one of the most confusing topics in the game. Well, not anymore! Our today’s guide will explain all the nuances and details, so next time you go into a match, you’ll know what to look for. Our guide contains all the details on the S8 attachments, so enjoy your read and make sure you find the right attachments for your weapons!

Apex Legends Attachments Explained

Apex Legends offers a great variety of weapons to all gamers who have different experiences and playstyles. If you’ve played the game at least once, you already know that it’s close to impossible to win a match without any equipment at all. This is especially true when it comes to attachments. Those are one of the best ways to improve your weapons’ capabilities and their performance.

While looting, you will come across a variety of tools and different kinds of equipment. It doesn’t matter if you are playing with weapons from the Apex Legends tier list or use guns that may not be that popular but are still pretty good: you will need to grab at least a couple of attachments. How do they work? And which ones should you prioritize while searching for new equipment? Learn more details in our freshest Apex Legends Season 8 guide.


What Do You Need to Know About Attachments from the Recent Seasonal Apex Legends Update?

Let’s start with a few explanations that will help you understand the topic better. There are certain items that you can find during the game and add to your loadout to perfect your weapon and diminish the effect of any weak spots it might have. These tools come in various rarities, from common to legendary.

Not all weapons support every attachment and vice versa. This is why you should build your loadout around the desirable loot and your role on a team. For example, if you are a sniper, it is better to focus on finding attachments that would be suitable for your rifle.

There is no such thing as the most useful attachment in the game since it all depends on the chosen weapon’s stats. Nonetheless, a suitable attachment can enhance the weapon’s strengths and make it a much more viable option for any fight, so you should consider at least a few additions for your guns when preparing for the match.

Now, let’s get into more details on what’s available in the game right now. Remember to take a look at our Apex Legends tips and guides on how to play the game in Season 8, so you would be fully prepared for anything that might await you!


You Can Improve Apex Legends Gameplay with These Attachments

So, let’s see what we’ve got. In total, there are six types of attachments available in the game, and all of them can boost your weapons’ Apex Legends stats. Here is a quick breakdown of each one:


Optics are good for all kinds of weapons. These come in different colors and rarities. If you find the gold optics, this means that you get a chance to use Threat Highlighting, a feature of gold optics that highlights your enemies, no matter where they are standing.


Most weapons aren’t that great when it comes to recoil. This is why you should stock up on some barrels. These will minimize the recoil’s effects, so getting one of these is a must in any match.

Shotgun Bolts

As you can tell from the name of the attachment, these can be used only for shotguns. Its main goal is to make sure that your fire rate gets a significant increase, and the rarer the loot piece is, the better the buff will be.

Extended Mags

This is another must-have attachment. It’s used to improve the mag capacity, which basically means you will get to use a bit more ammo if you equip your weapon with it.


There are only two categories for stocks, but they can still be used for almost all types of weapons. Stocks improve your weapon’s stats a great deal.


If you stumble upon one of these on any Apex Legends map, you should definitely grab it. These usually affect a certain category of guns: for example, the recently added Anvil Receiver can be paired only with some ARs.

Here are some recommendations you might want to take into account:


Everything is pretty easy, actually. And if you would like to learn more about the best in-game tools, how they work, and how you can use them to enhance your weapons and level up your Apex Legends Battle Pass, we’ve got another thing to share with you.


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