The Anvil Receiver Guide: What Is It and How Does It Work?


The Anvil Receiver returns to the game, which means that players will get another opportunity to check out this hop-up and increase the efficiency of their weapons. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about this type of equipment and how to get it. Enjoy your read!

Anvil Receiver Has Come Back to Apex Legends

We hope you guys are enjoying Season 8 in Apex Legends so far! The Apex game has received a few updates, and some weapon changes are among them. And while new weapons keep appearing on the Apex Legends tier list, it’s important to make sure that we don’t only add the new entries to our collection of guns but also get the proper equipment for each of them, including the old ones. Apex Legends Season 8 brought back Anvil Receiver, and today, we’ll tell you a bit more about what that is and why you need to get it.


You Will Improve the Apex Legends Gameplay with This Hop-Up

How to improve your Apex Legends stats and get more kills? There is one thing in the game that could help you do that. Anvil Receiver appeared in Apex for the first time in Season 3 but lasted only two seasons, being removed in S5. It used to be one of those items in the game finding which was definitely a stroke of luck.

Anvil Receiver can increase the damage of your weapon up to 50%, which gives you a great benefit in almost any encounter. Once you get it, you become capable of taking down an enemy with just two shots. Even if the opponent is wearing a highly protective gear set, they still won’t hold out for much longer if you use the Receiver correctly.

Still, Anvil Receiver isn’t the ultimate way to cheat and get more kills. Its insane increase in damage will cost you a slower fire rate as well as greater ammo consumption. This means that by firing one bullet, Anvil Receiver will consume two ammo. This is why you will have to make sure that you always have enough ammo in your inventory so you would not be left with an empty mag in the middle of a fight.

As you can see, Anvil Receiver is a fantastic hop-up that can be paired well with almost any gun in the game. The best picks for the Anvil Receiver loadout are such Apex Legends weapons as R-301, Flatline, and Repeater 30-30. Apex Legends Mastiff can also be a good pick. However, there is no point in building your loadout around it since it doesn’t drop very often. Still, if there is a chance to use one, you should definitely grab it!


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