Warzone’s Nastiest Setups


With the recent introduction of CW-era firearms, it is a perfect time to rethink our setups. In this article you’ll learn about the maddest, the baddest gun combos one can have. What can be better than obliterating your enemy with no effort at any distance? Prepare to get your mind blown!

Call of Duty crossover is working!

Let’s not waste time as we have a lot of setups to cover, ranging from CW-specific ones to mix-n-match. The best one you can see people use would be the combo of Groza+Kar98K. The SR here is amazing for its headshot slash one-shot kill potential. It gives you good mobility at the same time. In Call of Duty Warzone, Groza is insanely effective in close-medium range fights. Its TTK is nuts compared to a lot of other rifles. It’s not super great for the long-range fights, so in that sense, you want to be treating it almost like an SMG, and then you pull out your sniper to make some saucy snipes here and there. So, for Groza, you want to be running this long suppressor, the one that some call the Despicable Me suppressor that extends the range. Then go with the VDV Reinforce barrel, Speznaz Speedgrip, 45-ammo mag, and SAS combat stock. For Kar, go with Monolithic silencer, Singuard Custom shooting pipe, Variable Zoom Scope, taped grip. You can also slap the laser on it to help yourself with the aiming. With this combo, the question of “how to win Warzone?” will no longer bother you. But you must be asking what do you need to equip for perks and other equippables. Depending on the loadout itself, you should either be using the EOD, Overkill, Amped or EOD, Ghost and Amped. Then you can get the Semtex as your Lethal and Heartbeat Sensor as your Tactical. That can easily be your next best Warzone loadout.


One silencer to rule all Warzone

Now let’s go on the next one. It’s going to be the AMAX+MP7. These are two classic Warzone game weapons, and they are insanely good. Since Kilo was nerfed recently, it made the CR get closer to the number one spot in best guns in Warzone list. This thing is a beast. It can shred people at any range. It’s wild! The MP7 is just a no-recoil death machine with a really nice DMG output, so these two complement each other pretty nicely. Right, so for the AR slap the same suppressor as before, Ranger Foregrip, the same capacity mag. When it comes to optics, this thing is really a personal choice, but we recommend trying out the 3x VLK for starters. For MP7, again, the same mono silencer, FSS Recon pipe, 60-cap mag, taped grip, and a laser. No optics needed.

Our next contender in the Warzone loadouts category is one of the best setups in the entire game. It is a combo of Kilo+Diamatti a.k.a diamatti+spaghetti. Despite that nerf, this AR is still incredible. It’s just slightly less incredible than it was before as you can never go wrong with it. When you match it with the dual pistols, you get the CQC range covered by arguably the best CQC build in the entire battle royale genre. The TTK on these pistols is ridiculous. If you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out and will not lose CQB fights the vast majority of the time. They are just that consistent and dominant.


Surprise Call of Duty Warzone players with your mad combos!

For the Kilo-killa, put on the mono silencer, Prowler pipe, Commando Foregrip, 60-cap mag, and some holo optic. Don’t go with a larger scope because you need to save as much peripheral vision as possible. For the dual-pistols, the Agency silencer, the 7.2 pipe, SWAT laser, and 30-cap mag. And do not forget the dual-wield perk!

The following setup is not commonly brought up when someone is looking for Warzone tips. However, it’s the one that can be both fun and really good too. It’s the duo-AR combo of GRAU+AK74U. At one point, GRAU was taking the number 1 spot of Warzone best weapons. And even after it was nerfed, it’s still super easy to use. It’s got no recoil, consistent DMG in most fights. At the end of the day, it’s still a beast. As for grandpa AK, it’s the second-best SMG from CW. It’s got some surprising range, almost like MP7, but it also has some crazy DMG numbers, so it’s a great secondary choice. For GRAU, go for the same silencer, Archangel pipe, Commando Foregrip, 60-cap mag, and the laser instead of the optic. For the AK, use a GRU silencer, 10.3 long pipe, Spetsnaz foregrip, and 50 Rnd mag. Oh, and the KGB Skeletal Stock. The warzone weapons tier list is an exciting thing. At first glance, not much is changing, but some crazy guns are getting added to it each season if you look deeper.


CoD Warzone is all about the skill!

There are so many best Warzone weapons, and one has to wonder how this is even possible? The answer lies within personal skill. A lot of these shooting sticks become insanely powerful in the hands of pro players. If you found a combo here of the firearms you aren’t comfortable playing with, maybe you could try using one of our coaching services? Here’s why this is so good. By using our Call of Duty LFG carry service, you get the chance to play with a pro, which means you’ll be taught the ancient art of kicking ass with any firearm. The LFG carry that we advertise, unlike anything you’ve seen or heard about. It is a very home-like, friendly, personalized service that just generates so many memorable moments you’ll be amazed by how you haven’t used it before. There’s so much you can achieve with the guys from Legionfarm. However, we shall not push you into it. Just remember that if you feel stuck, just go to Legionfarm.com and get unstuck.

Anyway, we appreciate you stopping by and reading this little list we’ve got for you. And now we want to hear all about your own best build and what gear you bring up with it. Are you the sniper-kind of guy, or you trying to be this universal soldier? Whichever you are, we want to hear all about it. As always, stay safe, and we’ll see you in the next one!

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