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Author: Daryna Yaremenko

You only need a few clicks to start playing Warzone better! In this fresh guide, we’ll share all the details and secrets about Warzone settings for XboX S | X | One and what changes you should make to the default setting to improve your gaming experience. All the best tips from the minds of our professionals are available right here!

Table of Contents:

  1. Are Settings That Important?
  2. Audio
  3. General controls
  4. Weapons
  5. Sensitivity
  6. Movement
  7. Choose the Right Settings for Your Controllers with Legionfarm

Warzone keeps throwing players into all kinds of adventures, which means that we always have to be battle-ready. Preparations should start long before you get into your first match. One of the best ways to improve your gaming experience in just a few seconds is to change your settings and adjust them to your preferences and playstyle. In our guide, we’ll tell you how to do that with a controller on the XboX S | X | One consoles. Even though it seems like there are no major differences between them, believe us, there are some nuances and possible modifications you should consider. Enjoy your read on CoD Warzone pro settings!

Are Settings That Important?

Let's start by agreeing that settings are often an individual thing. However, some parameters can be tweaked and adapted to a player. Often, these settings might result in either a brilliant victory or a complete failure. Of course, your controller settings are not what determines whether you’re a good player or not. Sometimes it feels like you lack something while playing the game. To get rid of that feeling and significantly improve your playstyle, you should open the Settings Menu and start playing around with what the game has to offer. To help you do that faster, we gathered the best tips from our pro players. Sometimes it’s enough to change just a few settings to increase your body count every time you jump into a game. Not all these tips might work out for you, but this Warzone pro guide might be just the right starting point for your future experiments with settings.


Audio Mix: Boost High

Master Volume: 75-100

Music Volume: 0

Dialogue Volume: 60

Effects Volume: 85

Hit Marker Sound Effects: MW

These can be changed and modified, of course. However, from the user side, it seems like most Warzone game fans have enjoyed this set of settings. Feel free to toggle certain settings and mix different volumes!


General controls

BR Button Layout: Tactical

Stick Layout Preset: Default

Invert Vertical Look: Disabled

Deadzone: 0+

Horizontal/Vertical Stick Sensitivity: 6-8

Aim Response Curve Type: Standard/Dynamic

Controller Vibration: Enabled

This set of settings is meant to maximize all control functions and allow you to control your movements and be quick. Tactical allows you to switch to different types of movement (e.g. crouching, sliding) without moving your thumb, so you will buy some time and get to move around quicker than before. Deadzone can be adjusted once you get used to the mechanics a bit and feel more confident about changing the responsiveness of your controller.



Aim assist

Aim assist can be adjusted in three ways. If you choose Standard AA, your aiming speed will slow down a bit when you position a crosshair near your target. Precision is the best choice for more confident players since the strong aim slowdown is working in this case only when you get closer to the enemy. Focusing AA is perfect for beginners since it will slow down aiming just when you are aiming at your target.

Aim Response Curve Type

There are three options to choose from:

Standard. This type will slow down the stick when the algorithm thinks it would be better for you. That’s why this is a good choice for newcomers.

Linear. It increases your speed by making your aim less accurate. It can work out for players who would like to be more aggressive and feel sure about their targets and where they would like to move next.

Dynamic. This one is more about how you feel you should be moving rather than trusting the algorithm. It will increase the speed of your aim when you’re moving the stick. This one is perfect for snipers.




The default sensitivity is set at 5, and it’s recommended to choose something higher than the default one. Most players go for something between 6 and 10. Before choosing something particular, test out different sensitivities with different weapons to see how they play out for you.

Low and High ADS Sensitivity Multiplier

Low is for close-range weapons, while high is for long-range guns. Most players set it to default, but some choose to go lower or higher. Even though many players keep the default setting, you should still try out different options and see which ones suit your playstyle better.



It would be a good idea to disable Auto Move Forward and Parachute Auto-Deploy at first, and once you get used to them, you can turn it back on. Automatic Sprint should be set to Auto Tactical Sprint, and Slide Behavior should be changed to Tap since this will help you control your movements easier and waste less time pushing the button.

Choose the Right Settings for Your Controllers with Legionfarm

We hope you guys now feel much more comfortable with your new Warzone pro settings. This is a step closer to more wins! If you still have any questions left regarding the settings or just would like to learn how to rip your enemies to shreds, book your first session with our Pros here at and try our Warzone coaching service. We work with the most talented Warzone pro players in the community, and they are more than happy to tell you everything about the game and how it works. Team up with Legionfarm right here and level up in Warzone to the max! See you soon in our next CoD Warzone guides!

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