Top 5 Warzone Trackers to Improve Your Playstyle


Here’s to everyone willing to level up and play the game better! In today’s article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Warzone stat trackers, why you need them, and which ones are the best. Enjoy your read, and make sure to stay till the end for some nice little tips.

Make Your Warzone Sessions Go Smoother with This Tool

If you wonder how to get better at Warzone, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Legionfarm, we continue our weekly guides on the best ways to play Warzone, and today, we’ll tell you more about the tools you can use to perfect your skills.

There are tons of Call of Duty Warzone tools out there; however, there is one specific thing that stands out: stat trackers. Find out more about what they are, why you need them, and which one you should opt for in our fresh guide.


Why Do You Need a Call of Duty Warzone Tracker?

Players interested in their self-growth know that simply running daily sessions and playing as much as possible isn’t gonna do the trick. Often, it takes a lot more than that. You have to compare your results to the results you had a few days, weeks, and months ago to spot any weaknesses and learn how to fix them. This is why so many players use services such as a CoD tracker. These handy tracking tools will tell you everything you’d like to know about your performance, including your achievements and failures.

This neat tracking tool is not developer-curated, being solely a creation of the CoD community. Unfortunately, the studios behind the game series don’t endorse such third-party websites. However, these can be very beneficial for you as a CoD player. Moreover, Warzone tracker services offer a lot more than the stats you were searching for. You can often find lists of the rarest loot, top-tier weapons, Warzone tips, and best perks that will tell you what items you should look for next. This is why incorporating the stat trackers into your Warzone routine is definitely worth a try.


Top 5 CoD Warzone Trackers You Should Start Using Now

The time for the juiciest part of our guide has come. Down below, we’ve gathered the top 5 online services that analyze your performance and Warzone stats. So, here they go:

SBMM Warzone

There is a good reason why this is a number one Warzone game tracker on this list: it’s simply the best. And as it often happens to the best things, it got blocked by Activision. Nonetheless, it’s still worth being mentioned. This website offers info about all your matches, providing you with all the details you need to know about how you succeeded and where you failed. Let’s hope that the issue with the website will be resolved soon and it’ll get back in business, much to players’ delight.


This one will not provide you with that many details as the previous one, but hey, at least it’s not blocked. Here, you can compare the data with the stats of pro players. You can sign into the tracker using different platforms. What’s also so great about this one is an opportunity to learn more about other in-game challenges and how to complete them.



You should add this site to your favorites if you’d like to know more about weapons and the best perks for them. What are the most powerful weapons in the game right now? What perks are the most effective? You can trust Warzone experts to provide you with relevant data instead of scrutinizing all the guns and perks on your own. By the way, all stats are hand-tested by the engineers, so you can be sure that the website’s data is up-to-date and true.


This is another excellent tool for diving into your stats. Getting started is pretty simple and all you have to do is just enter the platform ID in the search bar. However, this website offers one more thing that other platforms don’t. This is where you can find a list of many cheaters who ruined the CoD experience for other players, so you wouldn’t have to deal with these people in your next matches.



It’s very simple to navigate through and offers a user-friendly interface that consists only of the most important buttons. Type in your username to find the detailed stats from the current season, and if you would like to get into more details on the best loadouts, just go to the Loadouts tab.


Unfortunately, no CoD stat tracker would tell you exactly what you need to do to do better in every match. That’s when another great service comes into play, and we are just about to tell you what it is and why you need to look into it if you want to succeed at playing CoD.


Start Playing CoD Warzone Like a Pro with Us

Every day, players have to deal with a slew of challenges, missions, and quests. A decent Warzone stat tracker might be able to point you in the right direction, but how can you make sure that you stay on track and use the most out of this great tool? This becomes possible when you team up with professionals from Warzone LFG & coaching services, the ones like Legionfarm.

Our pro players will give you all the instructions you need to learn how to use the tool and improve your stats with its help. Here at, you can enjoy a wide variety of tips and tricks that will help you find better gear, create overpowered loadouts, assemble a reliable team, and do many other things. Our LFG service is always ready to get started, so feel free to hop on to your Play with Pro session whenever you make up your mind!

That’s it for now, but we’re working on tons of new guides for you, so remember to come back for more sometime next week. See ya soon!

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