Top 5 Apex Legends Loadouts from LegionFarm Pro Players

Author: Daryna Yaremenko / PRO Players: Theh1d, Darkin

Many will agree that a good loadout is a key to success. But, how can one find that perfect loadout when there are so many options available? Our PRO’s know the answer! In this guide, you’ll find out exactly what it takes to create a powerful loadout with your favorite weapons.

Table of Contents

  1. Pick You Loadout Here
  2. EVA-8 & R-301
  3. EVA-8 & Flatline
  4. EVA-8 & Spitfire
  5. G7 Scout & Flatline
  6. Flatline & Volt
  7. Create Your Perfect Loadout with LegionFarm

Pick You Loadout Here

Playing Apex Legends is a lot more than just trying to survive a battle royale. Before you start the match, you’ll need to figure out what weapons you’d like to use and what kind of loadout you’d like to have. This can be a very daunting task when working on it yourself, but that isn't the case for you! In this guide, our amazing Theh1d and Darkin will tell you about the best loadouts that will help your squad get to first place!

EVA-8 & R-301

EVA-8 is one of the most popular close-range weapons in the game, and for good reason. It’s a massive shotgun capable of breaking through literally any armor, meaning that this gun turns into a beast in the right hands. It becomes even more deadly when you pair it with the right rifle.

The R-301 is a versatile weapon that offers decent damage output and reliability. However, it does lack a few things. Its recoil pattern won’t let you make precise hits, so you’ll have to either focus on short and mid-range encounters or equip your weapon with a Barrel Stabilizer. Grabbing a decent extended mag would also be a good idea. There is no preference; just grab the one by you and keep an eye out for better mags whenever there is a chance.

Scopes: 1-2x for EVA-8 and 2x-4x for R-301.


EVA-8 & Flatline

Flatline might not be your first choice rifle, but it’s still a good pick for many loadouts. It boasts incredible damage output when you add the Anvil Receiver to your loadout, so when looting, make sure you don’t miss this rare hop-up. Flatline comes with a 2x headshot multiplier, so try and use it to multiply your kills. When it comes to optics and mags, follow the same strategy as in the previous case: just pick whatever you feel comfy with, but remember to upgrade it when given the chance!

Scopes: 1-2x for EVA-8 and 1x for Flatline.


EVA-8 & Spitfire

In season 9, the devs made some tweaks to Spitfire, making it less powerful. It might sound like bad news, but it’s not. This combo will help you secure many wins, but first, you’ll have to learn how to play with Spitfire. It takes roughly 5 hits to kill an enemy, which is pretty impressive, right? However, the extended mag is simply a must. Spitfire is best used in short and mid ranges since it won’t perform well at long distances.

Scopes: 1-2x for EVA-8 and 1-2x for Spitfire.


G7 Scout & Flatline

Yes, the G7 Scout did get a nerf. But is it really such a big deal? Not really, and this is the reason why you shouldn’t sleep on this weapon. It offers low ammo consumption, boasts great damage in mid and long ranges. And even though it has poor close-range performance, it can easily be compensated by Flatline. This combo can be used in any position and is an excellent choice for support positions.

Scopes: 2-4x for G7 Scout and 1-2x for Flatline.


Flatline & Volt

This is a nice loadout for spraying and praying and is pretty much universal since it works fine even for controller users. Both weapons have an impressive damage output and excel in close and mid-range firing.

Scopes: 1-3x for Flatline and 1-2x for Volt.


Create Your Perfect Loadout with LegionFarm

That’s all we’ve got for you today! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the best loadouts or other in-game tactics, book your first session with our fantastic Theh1d and Darkin here at Legionfarm to get first-hand tips and tricks from the best players in the Apex community. We hope to see you again soon, stay tuned for more great guides!

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