These legends are very good for playing at Predator rank. But why?


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So, I was browsing through our PROs at our Apex PwP page yesterday and noticed something interesting. It seems that some legends are extremely popular amongst higher ranks in Apex Legends. Each PRO player in the game mains at least one of these legends: Pathfinder, Lifeline, Wraith.

What that tells me is that in order to be successful in Apex Legends and having a good time, you can’t just rely on picking any random legend and wrecking other squads with it. You have to really know all of the ins and outs to each legend and which are good. This will have a tremendously positive impact on your gameplay.

But, I’m not a competitive player in Apex, yet! So I’ve asked one of our Apex Legends coaches, BEKONX (Predator Apex Legends rank, Top-10 Lifeline Kill Leader in the World, K/D 5), to tell me a bit more about each of the legends above. I’m excited to share this cool information with you :) If you want to know how to be good at Apex Legends, you have to read this!

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So, why is this Pathfinder, Lifeline and Wraith trio so good? Let’s find out!


Wraith is picked by 88% of professional teams, she's one of the core legends of the game. She is an ideal scout and always a bit ahead of her team. Should she bump into an enemy squad, Wraith can deal some initial damage or even knock an opponent down and retreat to safety thanks to her Into the Void ability. Your team can then move in for a 3 v 2 fight, which is always a good thing.

Her ultimate, Dimensional Rift, is a versatile ability that can be used both for offensive and defensive plays. For example, you can use this ability to start a fight and then summon your entire team to a specific spot. As you can tell, skirmishes are good when you’re playing as Wraith. Her portal can also be used to teleport a knocked down teammate to safety so that you can revive him. You can also use Dimensional Rift to speed up your movement into the ring if your team is not in an ideal position. In such cases, it’s recommended to place a thermite grenade, shuriken, or Whattson’s fence on the entrance portal, so enemies can’t follow you without being harmed.


This cute robotic Spider-man isn’t as popular as Wraith. You’ll only find him in ~20% of professional teams due to his recent changes. But, if we’re talking about ranked games, this percentage jumps all the way up to 80%. Probably because this robot is insanely mobile and fun to play.

One of the reasons Pathfinder is so good is because he can be used to reach some unbelievable heights in-game. Which is very important for your team in a fight. His zipline is also cool. Your entire team can use it to camp opponents as there will be no other entrance to your position.

And his Q… I mean, his Grappling Hook. This ability is totally bonkers! If used right, you’re extremely hard to shoot mid-air and can fly around the arena like Spider-man, moving faster than any other legend in the game. His Insider Knowledge ability is not used that often, but if you can - use it. It’s always good to be one step ahead by knowing the next rounds Ring Location.


Look, if your team doesn’t have a Lifeline in ranked mode, then there is a serious weakness in it. As opposed to what many think, her main strength isn’t to act as an airdrop with on-demand loot (her ultimate), it’s her ability to create an additional obstacle for enemy teams. Using her Care Package skill, you can block entrances and ziplines, while getting some good loot.

Lifeline isn’t a support-only legend as many think. Her D.O.C Heal Drone makes her a perfect legend for aggressive plays since no one can get back into a fight as quickly as her due to her survival and healing abilities. She heals 25% quicker than other legends and her revival speeds are also higher. Her large shield wall can be used to protect you and your down teammate from bullets and even grenades.

So, there you have it. Try to pick these characters and use some of the tricks I’ve mentioned before, you won’t be disappointed! I also want you to know that this doesn’t mean other legends are useless because they’re not. Well, at least, not all of them… But we’ll come back to that another time.

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