The Chaos Theory Collection Event Has Started


After Mayhem launched, we’ve all been looking forward to the next big event in AL, and it has finally come. Today, we’ll talk about the ongoing event and what kind of changes it brought in. Enjoy your read, and make sure to stay till the end to find out more about the best tactics to play Apex!

Get Yourself Some Fresh Loot from the Ongoing Apex Legends Event

Every time Apex Legends gets a special event, we are all getting thrilled about the upcoming activities and loot. Let’s agree that this is always a lot of fun, and often you even forget about your BP and the challenges you need to concentrate on. In other words, all the events that have ever taken place in AL were a nice distraction from your regular pubs and ranked matches and could serve as a way to blow off some steam.

This time around, our freshest Apex Legends news guide will tell you about the ongoing event and the activities that are a part of it. You will have to get ready for Ring Fury Escalation Takeover and Caustic Town Takeover, as well as stock up on some new equipment—Heat Shield (you’ll need this one for sure!). The Apex game has received tons of updates, so if you would like to keep up with the latest news, you better start reading our guide right now!


The Event Is On: Every Apex Legends Update You Should Know About

So what’s the most recent Apex Legends Season 8 event about? Will every Apex new legend get a fresh skin? What’s the deal with that new Survival Slot? The event has finally started, so it’s time to get into some details! Check out our Apex Legends Event guide to learn more about what’s happening in AL right now:

Are you ready for some Town Takeover experiments?

It seems like everyone is going wild and crazy these days. Caustic has taken over the facility, and now we’re all forced to participate in a dangerous experiment. However, if you make it out alive, you’ll be rewarded with gold loot pieces that are definitely worth the risk.

This is how the new slot works

Heat Shield has received its own spot, and this is a special slot for items that will help you survive in unpredictable and stressful situations. The new slot will still be accessible after the event is over, so you can use it for other tools and equipment.

Prepare for another Takeover challenge

If you want to finish the event successfully, you will have to prepare for some big challenge that will make a regular match ten times harder. Ring Flares will be popping up around the map, and your task is to ensure you and your team avoid them.

Protect yourself with new shields

There is something that will make your life easier while trying to escape from the rings, and these are the shields that will protect you like a dome. They can be found and used only during the event.

Collect event rewards after beating all the challenges

By completing challenges and participating in event activities, you will earn some rewards that will not be restocked ever again. Most of the event’s challenges are tied to your Season Pass, so you can tackle both at the same time.

While leveling up your Apex Battle Pass and taking part in the event, don’t forget about other fresh updates that are still waiting for you. Coming up next, a quick recap of all the changes that went online along with the event last week.


Updates on Your Favorite Apex Legends Characters and Other Big News You Might Have Missed

Apex Legends Caustic isn’t the only legend that got some showtime during the event. The event also includes a couple of other interesting updates, so let’s dive into it right now:

Reward track

You can take a look at all the unlocked rewards and those that are still waiting for their turn on the reward track. After obtaining all the rewards, you will also unlock a unique gift for the character who still hasn’t received her heirloom but is certainly about to.

Bangalore Heirloom

Bangalore used to be the only character that had no heirloom; however, this has changed, and now, she has a personal knife that’s unlocked only if you get all 24 items from the event. When the event is over, the knife will still be unlockable in the crafting section.

No-Fill Matchmaking

Yay to solo play! Finally, after so many requests, the devs have decided to add solo queuing to the game, and now players can enjoy Apex without having to search for the team or play with some random people.

Apex events have always held a special place in our hearts, but prepping for those takes some time and effort. If you want to enjoy every AL event to the fullest, learn how to play well with the first-class Apex Legends weapons and get as many kills as you can, we’ve prepared a quick guide for you on coaching services and why it’s important to work with pros.


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That’s all we’ve prepared for you today, but remember to come back for more guides since it seems like something juicy is on its way to Apex. Thank you guys for stopping by, and see you very soon in our next article!

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