Our First Look At Call of Duty’s Season 2


Grab your best gear because it’s time to break into the new season of our favorite CoD shooter. With the new maps, guns, modes, and events, there’s no way you won’t like the latest update. Or is there? Let’s go over every S2 feature and see if the game’s become better or stayed the same.

Call of Duty Dumps More Content on Our Heads

Season 2 has officially started for Call of Duty Warzone and CoD Cold War, which means we’re here to share our first impressions with you. And the very first thing you’re going to notice when you boot up your game is the new menu style. Each game now has a menu depicting the main theme of the update. For Cold War, it’s the Naga operator, and for Warzone, it’s the Vodianoy ship. And the title-specific features don’t stop here! When you click on Cold War’s multiplayer, for instance, your chosen character starts walking in this jungle-like scene, throwing you right into the title’s new story. The three new items in the Battle Pass are:

  • A new character nicknamed Naga
  • FARA 83 – an AR that you should look out for, especially in Warzone
  • LC10 – an SMG that’s good at range with good recoil, which makes it a good alternative to AK74U

If you’re new to the game and wondering where the guns from Season 1 are – those are now unlockable via game challenges. And if you want, you can get them pretty fast with our amazing Play with Pro & coaching service available at the Legionfarm official website. Anyway, let’s move on. The other thing that we reсeived is the 4 new prestiges. If you reached lvl 200 in the previous season, these are the next 200 levels to unlock. Every time you hit lvl 50, you get a new prestige icon. Now when the basics are pretty much covered, let’s move deeper into the regular multiplayer, and then we’ll talk about the Black Ops Cold War zombies.


Run Through the Jungle in Call of Duty Cold War

The first new thing that we feel the need to cover here is the new map which is called Apocalypse. It takes us to the jungle in Vietnam and also kind of looks like the Break on Through mission from the campaign. With a pretty cool design, it’s also small, which many players seem to enjoy a lot. Because of this, there will be a 24/7 Apocalypse playlist. The other new thing with season 2 is the Gun Game – it’s a mode where you start with one weapon, and each kill gives you a different weapon until someone with the most kills wins. There’s also a new Scorestreak – the Deathmachine. When you’re using it, you walk pretty slowly, but it kills really fast, and you can shoot through walls. As far as the playlists go for this Call of Duty update, there’s the Apocalypse 24/7, like we said, and the following:

  • Nuketown 24/7
  • Snipers Only Moshpit
  • Face-off
  • Gun Game
  • Gunfight Blueprints

As for the balance changes, we see some scorestreaks received new score costs. For instance, the Air Patrol is now 300 points cheaper than it was.

With the Cold War Warzone integration, we now basically have one big game of hide & seek on a huge map loaded with campers, hackers, streamers, and edgy teenagers. The battle royale mode received a new CoD game mode called Resurgence Extreme. That sounds like it could be a lot of fun, right? We haven't tried it out yet, but when we do, we’ll be back with a full-on review and a bunch of pro tips.


Call of Duty Warzone Is Shrinking and Zombifying

Warzone new maps are Golova and Mansion, with Mansion being the Gunfight exclusive. They also shrank the Miami map. With only one 6v6 map, fans definitely expected more, but we got what we got. At least it’s a new one and not the recycled one from the previous games. So that’s the CoD multiplayer updates, but what about our rotting, brain-eating friends? Zombies must be the real MVP of this game. The new Outbreak event for both games – that’s something most fans are excited about. Feels like Warzone should have more of these events, kind of like Fortnite. With players being so sweaty in pubs, this game doesn’t even need the League Play. All public matches are such sweat pits, like a lot of them. Everyone is giving callouts, everyone’s using the stoner, M16 or AK74U, maybe MP5 every once in a while. All players are running with Ninja and Ghost perks. Same perks, same guns on everybody. That’s definitely for true enthusiasts, but the mode is rather fun if you dig this kind of playstyle.

How can we not talk about the new Battle Pass? Leveling another 100 tiers of new content, unlocking the best weapons in Warzone, it just never gets boring. Even after 7 seasons, everyone’s happy to run through the same grind wheel like happy hamsters. The devs are helping too, they renamed these two seasons to be the first and the second, and we didn’t even notice!


Black Ops Cold War. More Like Cold Sweat

By the way, we still haven’t told you about all of the new weapons. Shame on us! Some of those new firearms will become available only later in the season, and we have some new weapons coming, like the Machete, the E-Tool shovel, and R1 Shadowhunter – the one and only crossbow. Please, Treyarch, make it a cheese weapon like it was in BO4! Then we’ll be getting a new SR, the ZRG 20mm! You’ll be seeing plenty of this SR once it comes out, guaranteed! It’ll be blooping you all day long, no matter which modes you play.

So, the Warzone multiplayer gets a new fresh start with all of this content. The CoD franchise lives on. It’s too early to jump to any conclusions, but the new update has divided the community into two camps: those who adore it and those who absolutely hate it. There are some pretty huge downsides here and there, but we’re not ready to call it a failure just yet. However, we do see a way to improve your CoD experience even without the devs’ divine intervention.

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