Meet Mhsrour - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


Today, dear readers, we’re going to introduce you to a professional Warzone coach who puts precision, dedication, and care into every key press and mouse flick, because nothing short of mechanical perfection lets a player ascend to the very top.

Mohamad “Mhsrour” Srour is a professional Call of Duty player from Lebanon who goes against every stereotype you’ve ever heard about esports athletes. A dedicated academic, Srour attained a graduate-level degree in engineering at a time when finding stable employment in his home country was very difficult.

“I've studied all my life,” he tells us. “I did well, but by the time I graduated, my country fell apart. I became deeply insecure as to what I should do next. Then I found out about LegionFarm.”

A family man, Srour needed a way to support his household. Games had always been a serious hobby for him, but he never expected they could provide him with a way to take care of his loved ones. His hobby saw him win or place highly in nearly a dozen tournaments in his region and online:

  • a three-time back-to-back winner in CoD MENA tournaments
  • two-time #1 in Locknload
  • #1 in Turnt Up Games
  • #2 in GG Gaming
  • #2 in Place Gaming
  • #2 in Plexo Gaming
  • #3 in Mainland Gaming
  • #4 in Dialed Up

And his online stats place him clearly as a Top 0.1% player. We knew he was a good fit for us.

  • 5,909 matches
  • 1,274 wins
  • 51,374 kills
  • 4.08 K/D
  • 47,411,372 score
  • 21.1% win rate

How does he achieve such results? His empirical approach to Warzone is what helped him master the game, but it’s his passion for coaching and team play that fuels his success. “I love playing games. I love interacting with other players and the mix of experiences based on who I play with. Whether it's a pro player or a client, you get to play with amazing personalities.”

Srour’s passion shines in every session. Only with us since February of 2021, he’s already had 467 sessions with our customers and has a flawless 5-star rating. Quickly obtaining VIP status here at LegionFarm, he has among the most customer reviews of anyone on our platform, and they all sing his praises as a skilled and friendly coach with a truly remarkable beard.


Srour found a place where his talent, dedication, and charm allows him to take care of his family and play the games he loves. What’s more, he’s become part of the family we’re trying to build here.

“The fact that Legionfarm cares about their clients and how they engage with them gives it that spice that other companies don't have. Clients and pros feel at home when they're with us,” he tells us. “Legionfarm changed my life and flipped it upside down. It adopted me and had me on their pro list then VIP list right after. It gave me many opportunities within my career. It allowed me to grow bigger than I ever thought of and I'll never doubt the power you can get from the wonderful people who run the company. This is my home and this is where I want to grow even bigger and grow a bigger family along with it.”

We’re very happy to have a pro like Mhsrour with us here at LegionFarm. If you’d like to get to know him better, please go follow Mhsrour on Twitch and head to today to book your session with one of our finest.

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