Meet M1zery_dx - LegionFarm PRO in Apex Legends


It’s time to mix this Warzone PRO parade up a bit, don’t you think? Let’s see your hands in the air Apex Legends fans! Cause our pal M1zery_dx enters the stage!

David, aka M1zery_dx, is a twenty-five-year-old from Kuwait where he grew up and spent 14 years of his life. Raised in the gaming environment, David hung out with his uncles and cousins who fostered and fueled his love for video games, playing together and hosting weekly LAN house parties.

With gaming being an integral part of his identity, David conquered literally every genre out there, from MOBA and MMORPG to FPS games of all sorts, and by “conquered” we mean being in the Top 0.1% of leaderboards. A Challenger in League of Legends, ranked Gladiator in World of Warcraft, and now bearing the Predator title in Apex Legends, M1zery always aims for the very top. “I approach video games the same way I approach all things in life,” he shares. “Instead of being average at something, I would rather not do it at all. Mediocrity is not an option for me.”

A high-achiever and an all-or-nothing kind of guy, David never stops improving and honing his skill when it comes to things that hit close to home with him. Luckily for us and the game’s community, while not so lucky for enemy teams, Apex Legends turned out to be one of those things. So, how about these stats as self-improvement?

  • 63,782 kills
  • 3,382 wins
  • 4.5 KDA
  • seasoned Apex Predator

A legionnaire since February 2019, David is one of the oldest members of the LegionFarm Pro-player family. Always helpful and high-performing, no matter if it’s a quick one-hour run or a six-hour gaming spree, he’s played through 492 sessions with our customers, and not a single one of them logged out unhappy – David’s rock-solid 5-star rating is the best proof of that.


“I love it here, LegionFarm has become more than just a workplace, to me it's a family,” David says, talking about his time at LF. “Beyond the experience that I acquired while working here, I value the friendships and people that I met! It truly is a dream job. It allowed me to pursue what I love doing the most - playing video games and making a good living out of it! I'm very privileged to be in a place I'm in today, especially during the pandemic.”

Together through thick and thin, right? We’re happy to have you, David! Keep it up!

Wanna play with M1zery_dx? Sign up here at and book your session!

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