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Hey guys! With another ‘Meet LegionFarm PROs’ entry, we continue to share with you the info on LF’s best pro players who we’re most proud to have in our team. Almost all of our badass pros are well-known in the gaming community, but there are those who are real world-famous legends, and the guy you’ll read about in today’s piece doesn’t really need any introduction at all.

No matter if you’re a Warzone veteran or just getting your feet wet in Call of Duty’s battle royale – if you’ve ever taken a glance at the game’s leaderboards, then the name Legendary117S will definitely ring a bell. And if it doesn’t... well, meet Sahar Cohen from Israel, aka Legendary117S – #1 in kills and a year-long #1 in score in Warzone!

Sahar has been gaming since he was a child: CSGO, Watch Dogs, H1Z1, CoD, BF, WoW, and the list goes on and on, but unlike most teenage gamers, he took his passion for video games very seriously and worked hard to place high on leaderboards. Soon, this dedication started to pay off: Sahar played his first esports tourney and got invited to two LAN events. The first milestone of his professional esports career dates back to 2015 when Sahar won a LAN event in a game called Evolve.

A few months after that tremendous victory, he had to enlist in the Israeli military because of mandatory national service. Three years later, Sahar got out of the Army and went back to chasing his esports dreams. From 2018 to 2020, his name could be seen all over the top of PUBG leaderboards and the game’s esports scene; in 2019, shortly after Apex Legends first launched, his top ranked Bloodhound character made headlines in the Apex community. Even with such an impressive track record, Sahar had no intention of stopping, he set his aims even higher. And he got his chance when Warzone launched.

‘It was a hard road,’ says Sahar, ‘but luckily I made it to the top of the leaderboard and performed well in a couple of big tournaments. From there on, my name got out there!’

It was a rough ride indeed, but ‘performed well’ is definitely an understatement! In 2020, Sahar placed second in the first Twitch Rivals Warzone tournament, getting the Top Fragger award for that tourney. Over the following year, he participated in every big Warzone event, including Twitch Rivals and Toronto Ultra, with his crowning achievement being ranked #1 on the Warzone’s kills leaderboard at the start of 2021. Legendary117S keeps his spot as an unbeatable champ on the leaderboard for over a year now, without being surpassed even once. And well, those aren't the only feathers in Sahar's cap:

  • 114 days of play time
  • 10,102 battle royale matches played
  • 2,100 wins
  • 129,775 kills (world’s #1)
  • 148,121,440 score (world’s #1)
  • 6.06 K/D ratio
  • 20.8% win rate

Sahar started working at LF around the end of 2020. Being an aspiring streamer, he saw LegionFarm as a prime opportunity to branch out. ‘When LF contacted me,’ Sahar recalls, ‘they helped me maintain my gaming career as it was really hard doing it back in the days, relying only on streaming.’ Now, with 116 successful sessions, he has 8 regular clients, some of which are his good friends who he keeps in touch with even outside the world of gaming.


‘LF pretty much brought me back to the roots of what I did in the military,’ says Sahar, ‘and it actually is great because I was an instructor in the military and now I get to use the skill I acquired on a job I love doing, which is coaching people!’

Wanna play with Legendary117S? Sign up here at and book your session!

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