Meet HEXA_Madison - LegionFarm PRO in Apex Legends


Congrats guys, today you’re gonna meet a true king of the Arenas and the fear of Diamond and Predator lobbies. Welcome the incredible HEXA_Madison!

Alexandre, aka HEXA_Madison, is a 25-year-old French pro player with a natural gift for gaming dating back to a young age. Alexandre had his share of fun in most video game genres but found his true self in first-person shooters. First, it was CS:GO, then Rust, H1z1, and finally, Apex Legends. Alexandre says that Apex was the first game he started taking seriously – not as just a hobby and a way to blow off some steam, but as a place where he could express himself, putting his best self out there.

Practising every day for hours with teammates and even taking coaching sessions, Alexandre earned every kill and all damage inflicted on his enemies with hard work and dedication. And look where he is now:

  • 3,084 wins
  • 54,695 kills
  • 4.75 KDA
  • seasoned Apex Predator

Having celebrated his anniversary as a LegionFarm PRO on May 20 this year, HEXA_Madison is one of the oldest members of the LF Apex family, with 706 successful sessions, 1,700+ hours and an ultimate 5-star rating on the platform.


As humble as he is skilled, Alexandre doesn't call himself a professional because he believes that a real pro player must be active in the esports scene and make a living by competing in tournaments. Well, we beg to differ! You Madison are unquestionably a purebred PRO, and our customers can name at least a hundred of reasons why.

Apart from the endless gratitude of every single customer who had the chance to run sessions with him, LegionFarm helped Alexandre turn his life-long hobby into a solid source of income, even in France, which is among the Top-20 most expensive counties to live in the world.

“With LegionFarm, if I work hard enough I am making a decent amount of money every month for a French citizen, so basically LF changed my life by allowing me to live my life gaming instead of going to work everyday and playing for fun only. Now I am playing and making money out of it. Amazing!”

C’mon, you’re amazing, Madison! And we can't be happier to have you on the team.

Wanna play with HEXA_Madison? Sign up here at and book your session!

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