Meet Baltheon - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


See that guy on the banner there? That’s Baltheon, our top-tier PRO in Warzone and a guy you really don’t wanna bump into in Verdansk, unless he’s on your side, of course. Dear readers, buckle up for a wild ride of a story!

Orkhan, aka Baltheon, is an Azerbaijani-born technical inspection coordinator turned full-time pro player. With his first-ever job being pure hell – quite literally, as he had to melt metal into rods, using 1600-degree C-induction ovens – Orkhan soon realized that he was more of an intellectual type and ended up with degrees in Finance and Business Psychology. Sharp and quick-witted, he easily climbed his way up the career ladder, but office jobs didn't win this lad’s heart.

The Point Blank game was Orkhan’s first step into the competitive scene. He made it to the World Cyber Games tournament in 2011 and then two years later busted into Dota 2. Dominating pubs and scoring an insane 7,200 MMR over 5 years, he played lots of tournaments, sold spots in Starladder and was even a TOP-50 Tinker player. On we go, and Orkhan’s next passion and new playground to test his skill was the battle royale genre. When PUBG came out, it was love at first sight. “I fell in love with the amazing tactical gameplay!” Orkhan shares. 1,000 wins, 7+ K/D, and 800 damage on average per game – these stats are hard to compete with. However, he went even further and joined a pro team named PushMe, trying to get into internationals.

“Lots of amateur tournaments and probably the best competitive time I had in a team,” he recalls. “Having to compete against teams like NaVi, Invictus Gaming, Vega Squadron and others really pushed me to my limit.”

This experience definitely served him well. His shift to Apex Legends was as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and the road to Predator didn’t take long. On the top of the Ranked leaderboards, Orkhan left the stage with 1,100 average damage and a 6 K/D, but only to reach even greater heights later on in Warzone:

  • 1,335 wins (Top 0.1%)
  • 45,249 kills (Top 0.1%)
  • 6.98 K/D
  • 43,910,064 score (Top 0.1%)
  • 39% win rate

With LegionFarm almost right from its inception, Baltheon is one of our first Warzone pros on the platform. A real coaching titan, he’s played 556 sessions and earned a well-deserved 4.99-star rating.


Finally in his element, Orkhan is happy to coach our customers, passing on his in-game knowledge and making sure every session is a blast.

“I understand that whining about a decent paying job in a clean office environment is blasphemy, but that didn't make me happy,” he says. “Now I'm enjoying every single second and truly believe LF is going to be something beautiful.”

With you on board, Baltheon, LegionFarm is just destined to succeed further on!

Wanna play with Baltheon? Sign up here at and book your session!

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