Meet Adzonn - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


We hope you’re looking forward to finding out more about our Portuguese Warzone stars! Today you’ll get to read about our terrific Adzonn of Portugal, and he’s definitely quite the star.

Diogo, aka Adzonn, is a university student and a life-long gamer. Growing up on video games, Diogo always thought about making a career out of it. Call of Duty Warzone’s release prompted him to try his hand at streaming and esports, with both undertakings ending up tremendously successful. A multiple participant of the most well-known Portuguese tournaments, he’s all over the Gamers Arena’s leaderboards, excelling in both Dark Tournaments and GameFaced. Here are some of the biggest jewels in Adzonn’s esports crown:

  • #1 & #2 in Gamers Arena Duos
  • #1 in Gamers Arena Trios
  • #1 & #2 in GamersArena Quads
  • #2 in Dark Tournaments Trios
  • #3 in GameFaced Quads

And these stats should surely show you that Adzonn is not one to mess with in Verdansk:

  • 425 wins
  • 13,886 kills
  • 4.03 K/D
  • 28.6% win rate

Diogo started streaming a year ago, but apart from just sharing his sessions and giving followers a look at his best in-game moments, he also helps other players by providing Warzone tips on basically everything, from loadouts to movement techniques. A natural coach, he fits in with the LegionFarm family so well it's like he was born for it.

“I saw my Portuguese friends that I usually play with at LegionFarm and then I decided to do the same because I saw a good opportunity to become a professional,” Diogo shares.

Two months on the team, a 5-star rating, 37 sessions with a total of 106 hours played, and Adzonn is just warming up!


“So far, being at LegionFarm has been great. I met new people, I am working professionally on what I like to do most and that is good for me. It makes me even happier to do what I like and help others at the same time. I hope to stay here for a long time!”

Of course, our dear Adzonn, you’re here to stay ‘cause we’re not letting you go for anything in the world!

Wanna play with Adzonn? Sign up here at and book your session!

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