Meet A1PERO - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


Wanna know how to balance studying and shredding enemies in Call of Duty’s battle royale? Just ask A1PERO, our Warzone PRO, cause he's got both on lock!

Alper Tutarkaban, aka A1PERO, is a 23-year-old Turkish pro player who studies International Finance in Istanbul and easily drops 30+ bombs in Verdansk in his spare time. A big Call of Duty fan since he was a five-year-old kid, Alper has been mastering the game and learning its mechanics to later on win a couple of local tourneys and make it to the TOP-3 in an Italian one. And that was just the beginning.

When Warzone came out, Alper took to it as if he’d been born for battle royale games. The mode turned out to be the one where all that vast, hard-won knowledge really shined. Alper made his way up the leaderboards like nobody’s business, holding the Turkey Quad record with 110 kills for quite a while and gaining stats not every pro could match, let alone casual players:

  • 6,444 matches
  • 1,286 wins (Top 0.1%)
  • 62,420 kills (Top 0.1%)
  • 4.40 K/D
  • 59,596,496 score (Top 0.1%)
  • 20.0% win rate

Sadly, at some point, Alper’s passion for Warzone started to fade away. But it all changed when LegionFarm came into his life.

“I saw the chance to improve people's gameplay, get to know new people and rise in the leaderboard at the same time,” he shares. “And that's how I gained back my passion for this game.”

4 months on the team already, and Alper has completed 601 sessions with a 4.99-star rating, logging 300+ hours on the platform every month.


“LegionFarm was the best thing that happened to me in the past year,” he confides. Extraverted and sociable, Alper was having hard times staying home due to lockdowns in Turkey, unable to do any social activity and meet his need for communication. Now he’s getting the most of his quarantine time with studying and being an LF Warzone pro player and coach.

“Now I have a chance to meet with people who want to improve and look for a companion while playing Warzone. I’ve also met more than a hundred coaches who are all amazing people and top-tier players, and the hard-working and kind LegionFarm management team, too. Every single day I learn new things, new life stories, new cultures from all around the world, and make new friends. I'm happy to be a part of the LegionFarm family.”

We are happy to have you too, Alper. And you now have two families that are proud of you.

Wanna play with A1PERO? Sign up here at and book your session!

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