Don’t Look Down Climbing the Olympus in Apex Legends!


How do you feel about being thrown into a beautiful yet so dangerous place such as Apex Legends’ new map? From drifting on a hovering craft to avoiding numerous pitfalls, this place has a lot of hazards. Join us as we take a close look at everything Olympus has to offer and let’s share our impressions with each other.

Bizarre Adventures in Apex Legends

Welcome, welcome, friends! Today we're taking the time to appreciate the scenery of the Apex new map that carries the proud name of Olympus. You and we have been playing this map for some time now, and we feel like it's time to share some thoughts about this lush battlefield. Indeed, we don't get treated with a fresh map every so often, so this is a special occasion.

To be honest with you guys, some of us felt a bit underwhelmed when jumping out of the ship flying over the green hell for the first time. It somehow seemed smaller. This is probably because of the fact that there are lots of chasms on every corner. The map's landscape includes many facilities of different nature, all of which somehow coexist naturally with each other and don't look out of place. Some skyscrapers, hotels, and resorts stand next to various scientific and research sites, and there's even a spaceport of sorts! Each separately taken monument or compound, if you will, has many layers as you have indeed already discovered. Seeing verticality in maps always adds to the excitement element and opens up more tactical possibilities. By the way, if you wonder how to get better at Apex Legends, here’s a tip for you: learn to rotate around this map. Knowing the best routes plays arguably the most prominent role here among all other battlefields. Why is that more important here, and why Apex Legends Bloodhound is suddenly more popular among gamers? Find out next.


Watch Your Step On the Apex Legends New Map

So why rotations are important and scout heroes are so popular? The answer is the aforementioned chasms and drops. Some clumsy gamers could have fallen off the ridge of a map and just die in the past. But on the new Apex Legends map, we started to witness a lot of these unintentional suicides. Because the whole playable area is one structure that hangs in the air and is kept afloat by some engines and whatnot, there are many places where there's no ground – just endless blue skies. Similar hazards were indeed featured in the other two maps but were hardly as imminent as here. Many of our team members have been claimed by gravity. May their loot boxes never be looted.

Anyway, this landscape hazard has had quite an effect on the Apex Legends tier list. Bloodhound is at the top of it now because of her impeccable scanning ability. On such a multi-layered map, the threat can come from more directions than we used to anticipate. From above and below, thanks to no jump damage, a swift attack by jumping down from a very high point on top of your enemies means certain doom for them. It's important as ever to keep track of all enemy movements. But accidents also happen more often than ever, which is evident from the Apex Legends stat tracker. You can often witness players trip off some unguarded ledge and fall to their demise, which slows the Apex Battle Pass progression quite a fair bit. Thankfully there's been an Apex update that makes the rank gaining a bit more relaxed and fast. But we're drifting off the topic here. Let's get back on track.


Hovering Apex Legends News

Speaking of the tracks, we simply cannot ignore that new drivable vehicles have been added to the game with Olympus. It's kind of hard to think of their original purpose on this map. Anyone could imagine a more convenient way of getting around the map for those who lived there. The Trident's design doesn't really align with the premium quality of buildings and other stuff but looks oddly suited explicitly for a 3-man crew.

Anyway, as per Apex Legends stats, these little hovering machines aren't trendy amongst the players either. The reasons are indeed straightforward – it's enormous compared to a single legend (as we know, the bigger the hitbox, the easier it is to hit it), and it makes a lot of noise, which makes silent rotations impossible. So Tridents are mainly for very confident gamers or for those who want to have some good old fun. There's no Apex Legends update today that changed anything about the Trident, but maybe the developers will look into this exciting feature and possibly adjust some stuff to make them more viable. The one thing you can definitely say about these hovers is that they are hella fun. No Apex Legends Battle Pass will stop players from crashing a Trident full of Caustic traps into a team of enemies, killing them, including their own teammates!


Watch Where You're Landing, Apex

As usual, not only do we play the game every day, but we also keep ourselves updated with the latest news by checking up on Apex patch notes regularly. The season has just commenced, which means we can all expect many small patches that fix some minor problems. Unlike last time, this season's release has been mostly stable except for the Steam release issues, and even those aren't related to the gameplay itself. So, it's all good on this front. As for some Apex Legends tips, you're probably always wondering where to jump when you're selected as the Jumpmaster. In 99% of cases of us playing with randoms, they all prefer to relieve themselves of such responsibility to lead the squad to the landing spot. If you don't cherish the idea of landing in an Apex Legends High Tier loot area that gets rotated every match, you should maybe pick the compound that's closest to that area so that you can get gear too. Then you can go to that High Tier area and finish the squad that managed to survive the slaughter. Easy-peasy Japanesey.

If you do like to drop in hot zones or wish to learn to survive there, you should definitely try out our professional Apex Legends play with pro service. The only tricky spot on the map that's very hard to land on properly is called Turbines. Luckily that place doesn't get the spotlight often. With our professional coaching services from, you'll never have to pass on the Jumpmaster role. You'll gain enough confidence to land wherever your heart desires.

We hope you liked this little article and we do want to know everything about your own impressions of the new map. Be sure to share with us in the comments section down below, and we'll see you in the next one!

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