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Entrance Level Course: Basics of Machine Learning

70 USD
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Completing this course will teach you how to create predictive systems for all kinds of situations. This level of knowledge will allow you to compete in the machine learning tournaments.

Did you know that you can actually calculate who would've survived the Titanic disaster via machine learning? This course will teach how to do so!

Our main instrument for learning is a while True: learn() (WTL) game about machine learning. WTL is perfect in terms of visualization of what you're doing and how do you make the machine to learn. This combined with our professional teacher experience will make you understand all this stuff in no time!

Task: calculate who would've survived the Titanic disaster.

Input Data: ticket class, sex, age, # of siblings aboard, # of parents or children aboard, ticket number, passenger fare, cabin number, port of embarkation.

Result: you'll be able to calculate who would've survived the Titanic disaster with 90% precision using machine learning.

This course includes 2 1-hour sessions with the qualified teacher via Skype or any other messenger.

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Course Description:

  • The main instrument for this course is the WTL game. Teaching and gaming is the most enjoyable combination for both teacher and the student. And what's important, it's very efficient! Visualization is an excellent boost to the learning process.
  • The result for this course is that you'll learn how to create complicated predictive systems, which can be used however you'd like it. Titanic is just a single case, that we've found to be most interesting to start with. Predictive systems based on machine learning can be used for financial purposes, for example.
  • At first, you won't be able to understand, how our input data can help us to calculate the survivors of the Titanic disaster. There's nothing to be afraid of - we'll show you how all of this works via the WTL game. You'll see all the elements of the predictive system by yourself. In fact, machine learning is easier than it seems at first glance.
  • Despite the popular opinion, you don't need to have any programming or arithmetical skills to be good at machine learning, that's a bit different story. Anyone can understand it and learn how to use it in their own advance.
  • This course will be a confident start for you. It's like a must-have entrance level for the machine learning world, but it's quite solid. You'll even be able to compete in the machine learning tournaments!
  • This course will take two 1-hour sessions with one of our professional teachers via Skype or any other messenger. You'll also get the prediction model and the data for further self-learning.

What You Will Learn:

  1. How to play the WTL game and use it as a learning instrument at it's fullest.
  2. The basis of machine learning, what is it, real-life examples and illustrations of them in the WTL game. One of the examples: how can you make the machine recognize what is it seeing - is this thing a chair? Is this thing round? Etc.
  3. How to use the instruments of the true data scientist and what instruments do they use. Spoiler alert! MS Excel is one of them.
  4. The methods of dealing with this kind of task: Random Forest, Linear Regression, Gradient Boosting and it's difference with Stochastic Gradient Boosting. Sounds difficult? We'll show you how all of this works in the WTL game.

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