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WoW Classic: World Bosses

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Who let the bosses out? Tame them with WoW Classic carry

There’s nothing cooler than big bad bosses that you used to see in instances just walking around out there in the open. In Phase 4 it seems that we’re going to see a bunch of new wandering bosses, but they will hardly be the first. We all are trying to bundle up with other players to kill anything beefier than a normal mob. And if there are more than 3 mobs and you can’t pull them one by one, what do you do? You ask someone to help. Now if that’s a good reason to call for help, can you imagine what a walking raid boss can do to you if you venture too far into the wilds? Come on, this is not WoW Classic dungeons or anything like that where you have matchmaking. This is here and nobody is safe. You see one thing about WoW Classic raids carry is that you have to do it at a party of 40. There’s no way around it. But it’s the players that make all the difference. But in the open world, there is no party requirement and no arena for that matter. One time a boss can be in one place and the other moment he could be somewhere else. Sure, they don’t usually leave their territory, but it’s still nothing like an arena where you can use the surroundings as your cover and reset. So there is a special type of WoW Classic lfg, where you need to find people that have a specific set of skills.

WoW Classic world bosses are not to be freaked with

To give you an example of such a boss, so that you’ll know when to buy WoW Classic gear let’s talk about our boy Azuregos. He got added in late Autumn 2019 which makes it about 4 months at the time of writing this. As a blue dragon that he is, he is very interested in magic and everything magical. He is immune to the spells of secret magic and has a high resistance to spells of ice. He has no exact spawn timer, but many claims that he appears every week, or every other 7 days. When you first meet him, he won’t be hostile to your character and to start fighting him you must first talk to him. That’s kind of nonsense for this game. Only after you’ve talked to the boss you’ll find out why so many people choose Azuregos carry. He has several abilities one of which damages everyone who happens to be located strictly in front of the boss. The icy rain is an AoE ability that could remind you of the same one that the mages have. It slows down the attack speed as if it wasn’t slow by default, as well as the movement speed. Next, he has a very chill breath attack that goes out in a cone area that does significant ice damage and slows down everyone unfortunate enough to be caught in the radius. There’s another ability that he has that looks the same as mage’s ability, but unlike mage’s version this one sucks out the mana on top of other bad things. Now let’s move on to reason to buy Lord Kazzak boost.

Preventing mass murders with World of Warcraft Classic boost

The mighty commander of the Burning Legion. Years after the third war he managed to open the dark portal to be able to transfer the new forces of the Legion. Same as with the previous boss, the exact time of spawn is not known, but it is somewhere around seven days. This guy has some pretty dark abilities, like soul imprisonment that makes the boss heal 70k HP when a player dies in a battle with him. He also shares an ability with Azuregos to strike everyone in front of him. He also can put a mark on you that burns down your mana, which is especially painful for casters. If the caster’s mana reaches zero, he explodes inflicting self-damage of 6000. Although this mark can be dispelled. It takes a special kind of WoW Classic PvE carry to defeat this guy because his Shadow Bolt Volley can obliterate everyone. This ability makes him spray multiple dark projectiles that auto-aim on their targets. Can you imagine the massacre that would happen if Kazzak wandered into some big city like Stormwind? But with WoW Classic boosting service you’ll be able to defeat him. As with any world boss, it’s actually not hard to take them down, but the tactics must be executed with utmost precision. There’s no space for mistake, otherwise – full wipe. If you’d like to see what kind of loot these two are hiding inside of them, is known for butchering skills.

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