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WoW Classic: Weapon Skill

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Any Weapon Skill 300 Leveling


Bows Skill 300 Leveling


Crossbows Skill 300 Leveling


Daggers Skill 300 Leveling


Guns Skill 300 Leveling


Polearms Skill 300 Leveling


Staves Skill 300 Leveling


Thrown Skill 300 Leveling


Wands Skill 300 Leveling


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Discover weapon skills and WoW Classic boost for them

When making plans for what you will be doing in WoW Classic, you probably think about things like the fastest ways to level up, what gear you will need to have to go to the first dungeons. Then there are raids, you have to plan for those too. Make sure you have a raiding party, work out the strategy with them, let everybody know their job while in the instance. Gearing is important because to obtain the legendary weapons you have to make sure you equip the best armor your class can get. To help you get everything you need we have WoW Classic boost services. So, picture this – you have finally forged Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. But wait, why can’t you equip it? Surely you have the level, it suits your class well, what the hell is the problem? Some players may not know this, but unlike in the modern WoW, in Classic, you have to learn to wield different weapon types. Our WoW Classic boost service can do that for you. But what does this mean anyway? Your class starts with a handful of weapon types it can wield. To have more weapons to use, you have to learn their skills at a trainer. This is where your Vanilla carry service comes in handy.

WoW Classic weapon skill boost and how do these skills work

For example, let’s take the Dwarf race. Here is what weapons they can wield by default:

If you want your Dwarf to be able to shoot a gun, you will have to learn a skill from a trainer that lets you use a Gun type weapon. This is called WoW Classic weapon skill. But merely learning a skill is not enough, you have to increase your skill with that weapon type. Doing so reduces a chance to miss while hitting your target with that weapon. It is worth mentioning that weapon skills do not define if the spell will hit the target. These skills are only for melee weapons. In the beginning, your character has the skill cap for the weapon is 5. Each type you level-up your character, the cap raises by another 5. Therefore, by level 60 a skill cap will be 300. If you want to raise experience for a weapon faster, use our Vanilla weapon skill boost. Leveling a weapon skill is done by using it successfully. It means that each hit you land increases the proficiency of your weapon. As you closer you get to the skill cap the skill gain will decrease. If an enemy evades your hit, it won’t increase your weapon skill. WoW Classic weapon training is done faster if you have more intellect.


Vanilla weapon experience boost lets you learn weapons faster

Let’s conclude everything we said above. If you want to use a weapon, make sure you have learned the skill for this weapon type. This skill can be leveled up. The higher the weapon skill level the less is the chance of missing a target when using this weapon. The maximum skill level is 300 if your character is level 60. To get the weapon skill to that level faster, check out our 300 weapon skill boost service. The way this service is done – our professional boosters log in to your account, and play your character with the weapon you selected to upgrade the weapon skill for. The order is completed when the weapon skill 300 is achieved. You will also get all the drop that has been collected during the process of boosting. Our services are completely safe and we do not use any software or cheats to do our job. We have a team of professional boosters that know everything about the game and are capable of completing any goal. Therefore, if you feel confused with the system of weapon learning, head to our website to learn about our services in more detail – – the best WoW Classic vendor on the market.

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