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WoW Classic: Warsong Gulch

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WoW Classic PvP Boost and honor system

Welcome to the WoW Classic PvP boost page related to one of the most legendary battlegrounds in the game. Before we move on to discussing the WSG itself, let’s talk about PvP in general. There are several ways in which you can start a fight with another player, they include dueling, open-world encounters and, of course, battlegrounds or BGs for short. These are instance locations with matchmaking rules attached to them, meaning that there are certain brackets measured in player levels in which the system will find you a fair challenge. But what does represent a player’s performance in PvP? For that, a special system was implemented into the game, simply called Honor. As it stands, the WoW Classic Warsong Gulch boost is very much about getting more honor. Basically, you have 14 ranks which you can achieve, each rank representing your skill level where 1 being the lowest and 14 being the highest. Ranking up is all about getting rank points or RPs which determined by your weekly standing. This weekly standing is a comparison of the honor you’ve earned versus everyone else in your faction has earned in a given week. Knowing that Rank 14 requires 60,000 RP and that you lose 20% of your RP on every weekly reset, you can get the idea of how brutal the RP grind is. With the introduction of the honor system in Phase 2, participation in PvP will earn you WoW Classic honorable kills, that add to your statistic. An honorable kill is granted if your opponent is no more than 10 lvls lower than your character, otherwise, it’s a dishonorable kill.

Introduction to WoW Classic Warsong Gulch

Now, let’s have a look at the battleground itself. It is a 10 versus 10 capture the flag game mode. You must be at least lvl 10 in order to play, that’s when the level brackets come into play. If you’re lvl 10, your bracket will be 10 to 19. Sure enough, it’s still a huge difference between lvls 10 and 19, but at least you won’t face lvl 60 characters. The map is almost entirely symmetrical, you fight each other until one team scores 3 flag captures, but you can’t capture a flag if your own flag is not in your base. Whenever you die you will be teleported to your faction’s Spirit Healer whereby you do not have to run back to your corpse, but instead, wait for your healer to fully revive you and your fellow teammates who have died and this happens every 30 seconds. Pre-made groups who queue up for WSG have pretty deep strategies, which you will be able to learn with our Warsong Gulch boost. That’s because you’ll be carried by a professional team that knows ins and outs of this battleground. Generally speaking, you want to divide your team into two smaller teams – one that specializes in the offense and the other on the offense. The goal of the guys on the offense side is to take the enemy flag and return your flag if it has been taken by the enemy team. Defense not only protects your flag from being taken but also has to protect the flag carrier. This tactic has been effective since the Vanilla WSG times.

WoW Classic WSG Carry for grinding RP

So, if you’re looking to up the WoW Classic Warsong Gulch reputation you’re in the right place. The honor system also includes other ways to further boost your RP by other means than just killing, winning or losing in a battleground. A win certainly does comes with greater rewards, but quests are what really add the depth to your daily PvP grind. You will have a list of tasks for each particular BG that will not only bring you additional RPs but also increase your reputation level with certain factions. The activities you will be asked to perform can be very different, so when it comes to WoW Classic Warsong Gulch quests you can expect tasks like bringing the Marks of Honor defending a certain location within the battleground. Some tasks are easier than others, but doing them all is how you maximize the RP gain. Needless to say, this is better done with a team from So, if you like CTF game mode and you want to rank up, you can start doing so right now!

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