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WoW Classic: Tier 3

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Why would you need WoW Classic raid boost?

It's hard to find a single person among millennials, or especially Gen Z, who haven't heard a word or two about World of Warcraft. This game is a true legend that has served as a source of inspiration for lots of people to create books, mangas, movies. And Blizzard has absolutely no intention to stop. Despite already bursting with content, WoW keeps expanding, pleasing players with more items, more events, and more challenges. Now the devs have decided to fulfill the dream of many old-school players and recreate the original game in their new WoW Classic. You have a chance to witness the dawn of Azeroth and live through all the events that have made WoW so epic. In order not to get lost in this impressive diversity, feel free to use our WoW Classic boosting service. We can help with any in-game activity that seems problematic to you. One of those might as well be a raid. WoW is known for its great variety of raids, and Classic is bringing back some of the old ones too but with our WoW Classic raid boost none of them will pose a problem to you. Ace every quest, loot as many items as you can carry – for our professional boosters nothing is impossible!

WoW Classic Tier 3 raid carry and other helpful boosts

Tier 3 armor set was the game's true gem. It was absolutely unique and tormentingly hard to get but it was worth every drop of blood you spill for it. Tier 3 was the first and only WoW set that consisted of nine items. Some of them were common but others differed depending on the character's class. For Mage, for instance, Tier 3 armor would contain the following:

  • belt
  • bindings
  • circlet
  • gloves
  • leggins
  • robe
  • sandals
  • shoulderpads
  • ring

Their combination would increase spell power, spell hit and critical strike rating, and spell penetration, giving you a huge Stamina and Intellect boost. A pretty powerful combo, isn't it? Sadly, Tier 3 was removed from the game but much to everybody's delight WoW Classic is bringing it back and you can be one of the first lucky players to get your hands on it with our WoW Classic tier 3 raid. Those who played WoW back in the days will confirm how torturing can the items collecting be. Most of them drop in quests in Naxxramas – a dangerous raid dungeon for level 80 players (which is not gonna scare you with our Naxxramas boost). For centuries Naxxramas has been a home for lots of powerful items and artifacts but to win them you'll have to pay a high price. For an average player looting all nine Tier 3 pieces in the shortest time takes at least sixty hours a week and counting. It's close to impossible to dedicate so much time to the game but if you want to equip your character with Tier 3 as soon as possible, you don't have any choice. Or you do?... Actually yes, you do! You just need to buy Naxxramas raid carry and you can forget about those sixty tedious hours. Let our experts take care of Naxxramas bosses. They are well aware of numerous strategies and will easily deal even with the most terrifying threats. With our Vanilla Tier 3 raid gear boost all nine pieces will be yours and you won't even break a sweat.

How to purchase WoW Classic Tier 3 raid gear boost?

Equipping your character is not an easy task, and that's why we are always ready to lend you a helping hand. Our website offers a lot of boosts for any taste and budget. Just go to, pick a WoW Classic boost, and all the rest will be done by our team of professionals. Start ordering now – let us show you that playing WoW can be even more exciting.

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