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WoW Classic Tier 2 Raid Carry Services


It takes 1 to 24 hours to find suitable players who match your schedule.

We set up players who understand your class and its features, for the most efficient leveling.

The service will start no later than 24 hours. Read "Useful Information" section below for estimated completion time!

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Raid Gear
Hire our players to get the service as in the picture above
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WoW Classic raid boost you might wanna use

What made World of Warcraft Vanilla so good? Lots of players are happy to see their favorite game growing and evolving but almost everyone who had a chance to try the original version remembers fondly and feel nostalgic about it. And they have every reason to: back in the days, WoW was a kind of game where you needed to explore the world and wander around Azeroth searching for adventures. It was more character-oriented, offered you more opportunities to make your character unique. Moreover, it offered you a completely different experience: leveling was harder, took longer but it was more fun. And now with the release of WoW Classic, you can have it all back! It's as if Blizzard built a time-machine and set you on a journey to the past but this time playing that old version of WoW is gonna be even better. You wanna know why? Because you will have our WoW Classic boosting service at hand! In the far 2000s, you'd have no one to turn to for help but now you have us. Our best experts will gladly aid you in any in-game activity, from leveling to raid completion. Speaking of the latter – raids have always been nasty even more those who are not new to the game but with our WoW Classic raid boost you will excel in any of them, whether it's a WoW Classic Tier 2 raid or Naxxramas.

A perfect WoW Classic Tier 2 raid carry to gear up

Blackwing Lair is known for being notoriously hard to venture through due to its relatively different mechanics (which, by the way, won't be an issue even if you don't have much experience – all thanks to our Blackwing Lair boost). Two of the most brutal bosses are the first to encounter, and defeating them requires an effective strategy. Moreover, it can get a bit crowdy 'cause Blackwing Lair is a 40-man raid dungeon. Imagine this horror: a messy swirl of dozens of players only half of which knows what to do, and in all this chaos you'll need to defeat the boss somehow. Not an easy task, huh? You can give it a try anyway or get a Blackwing Lair raid carry and let our experts do what they can do best – win. Get your hands on the awesome eight-piece armor set with our Tier 2 Vanilla raid gear boost. Gear your character up to reach the most efficient performance and take on new challenges.

How to get WoW Classic Tier 2 raid gear boost from us?

If you want to become a happy owner of Tier 2 Blackwing Lair carry, you need just a couple of minutes to complete a few simple steps. First of all, go to our website and check WoW Classic Tier 2 Raid section. Choose the offer, add it to your cart and finish your purchase by making a payment. As soon as it's done, you'll be contacted by one of our managers to talk about the details and discuss the questions that you might have. After you're pleased with the schedule, we will assign a professional booster who will deal with Blackwing Lair raid for you. We'll stay in touch during the whole process, and any issue that might occur will be gladly solved by our support team. We work 24 hours a day without holidays and days-off and provide only safe handmade boosting. See for yourself, go to and make sure that we are the best WoW vendor on the market!

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