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Rogue Class Quests Boosting Services

Discover WoW Classic Rogue Class Quests


This WoW Classic boost is dedicated to the deadliest and the sneakiest class in Azeroth. Rogues have a diverse range of tools, most of which they learn to use through their class-specific quests. Most notably, they learn to use poisons, which help them deal more damage and apply different negative effects on their targets. This WoW Classic boost is about completing the chain of quests that gives this class his signature abilities such as this. By the end of this chain, rogues, additionally, learn how to craft Thirstile Tea, as they will be rewarded with its recipe. This consumable is very helpful and is used a lot throughout the leveling and still after reaching the cap level. Let’s talk some more about the poisons. They have their own skill progression, similar to weapons, so the skill level will increase based on how often a rogue applies them in combat. Different poisons also need to be crafted by combining various reagents, so there is a little bit of crafting involved. Rogues get access to them via WoW Classic class quests on level 20. This is a very important ability which should be learned by all players as soon as it gets available.

Vanilla Rogue quests and the signature skill


A few words on the tea. This fine drink is popular among assassins, as it restores their energy. According to the lore this drink was discovered by Arantir, a rogue who roamed the Darkshore. The recipe for this tea is only sold to rogues and can be brewed if the character has reached skill lvl 60 of the cooking profession. Rogue class quests sequence begins in Stormwind for the Alliance and in Ogrimmar for Horde players. Alliance’s quest is called Mathias and the Defias. It requires players to visit an agent who has hidden somewhere in Westfall. She will task you with stealing an item from a mob. Players must use your pickpocket profession to retrieve the quest object, but they are not allowed to kill and loot the target. This is only the beginning as the next step would be sneaking into a tower and stealing another object. Once this is finally done, you will acquire the ability to use poisons from your quest giver. The Shattered Salute is similar in its structure quest, which asks all rogue players to demonstrate what makes their class so special. The beginning Rogue class quests for the Horde is oddly different though. Players will have to use visual gestures to greet an NPC to get a quest. This is one of the innovations of the game, made primarily for social interactivity between players. In the case of this quest, if a player misses the right timing, this whole thing can get bugged and the quest won’t be given.

Rogue Sunken Temple Quest is not to be missed


The rest of the questline is similar, so there is no point in re-telling it. Players certainly can face some difficulties while completing these tasks. The aforementioned bug is only one example. The other would be a proper use of stealth mechanic of the class to stay undetected by the enemy AI. Consequently, this could also glitch, causing players a lot of confusion. At the end of the day, the rewards are well worth the troubles that needed to be overcome. There is another sequence of quests that is as equally essential to any rogue player. The Sunken Temple Rogue quest takes players to Hillsbrad Foothills. This quest is very identical for all classes, except for the starting part. In all cases, it can be obtained on lvl 50. Realistically it can only be finished on lvl 52 or even higher. Surely, the more players you have that can aid you the sooner it can be finished. Anyway, Rogues need to speak to Lord Jorach Ravenholdt. A series of tasks will follow, leading players to the final encounter in the depths of the Sunken Temple. The other name for this dungeon is The Temple of Atal'Hakkar, which has its bosses and mini-bosses, so there is plenty of challenge awaits. As to the reward, rogues get to choose from rare gear that includes a mask, boots and a drape. offers players a service that will help players complete all of these tasks, with absolutely no time or effort needed.

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