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WoW Classic: RBG

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Arathi Basin Tabard Obtain


1-10 Warsong Gulch wins


1-10 Arathi Basin wins


20 Arathi Basin wins


50 Arathi Basin wins


100 Arathi Basin wins


Arathi Basin Exalted Reputation


1-10 Alterac Valley wins


20 Alterac Valley wins


20 Warsong Gulch wins


50 Alterac Valley wins


50 Warsong Gulch wins


100 Alterac Valley wins


100 Warsong Gulch wins


Warsong Gulch Tabard Obtain


Alterac Valley Tabard Obtain


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You receive updates and stream link for each session, so you can see the progress in realtime.


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Your pro player will get paid only then.

Our WoW Classic Carry will help you excel in PvP

We all play WoW for different reasons: some have been vet fans since the game’s early days, some just wanna relax and slay a bunch of monsters, some take things pretty seriously and don’t stop until they hit the top. Our in-game goals can vary hugely, but all players would agree that PvP experience has always been WoW’s real gem. It’s a great way not only to blow off some steam after a long working day but also to hang out with some friends and even power your character up after one or two successful battles. However, the coolest PvP activities require co-op playing. For those who are used to playing solo or are just tired of searching for a good team, we are glad to offer our WoW Classic PvP carry service. We easily deal with all kinds of in-game activities, ranging from a simple level-up to some hardcore raid completions, but one of our most popular fields of work has always been PvP. When you’ve gotta fight with other players, particularly as a team, is where the stakes are terrifyingly high. But there is a way out – simply buy WoW Classic PvP boost. Side by side with the pros, you won't have to worry about losing – our top experts will eliminate all your opponents in a blink of an eye, clearing you the path to the game's most awesome loot. On this page, we’ve collected our RBG carries, but in case you wanna buy 14 PvP rank or get carried by our pros in some other multiplayer-related fields, feel free to study our PvP offers. You can hire a pro hitman, get yourself a PvP trinket or a tabard, or you might as well ask our boosters to perform a WoW Classic PvP reputation farm. In case you wanna find out more about one of those options, check offers descriptions or contact us in Chat.

Discover a top-notch performance with a WoW Classic PvP boost

Battlegrounds have legitimately earned the place among the most thrilling PvP activities in WoW. They bring lotta fun and also are quite useful in terms of in-game progress. They provide the most infallible way for players to get not only honor points but some decent amount of XP as well, giving a solid opportunity to level up quickly. Let us take a look at what RBG options are presented on our website. You can buy Warsong Gulch Honored boost, and it will tackle a well-known capture-the-flag battleground, achieving three “caps” long before those twenty minutes expire. For our pros, nothing is impossible. They succeed where the others fail, and you can trust them with any job, 'cause we guarantee – they’ll get it done. If you buy Alterac Valley carry, we’ll assign a pro player who specializes specifically in this particular battleground to ensure the best performance possible. This battleground is unique in the sense that it features additional NPC army as well as neutral and hostile creatures. There are multiple objectives on the map, several locations, each presenting importance to the enemy team. It’s crucial to know how to win, and there’s no better way to do that than with a team of our boosters. And what about that Arathi Basin boost? It’ll deal with the AB battleground easily, helping you gain the necessary amount of resources to dominate the bases scattered around the area. Yeah, those Battlegrounds are no joke. We know how savage they can be. They require impeccable co-operation between all the team members but despite their immense complexity, remain a pretty decent option for getting your hands on new items. That’s exactly why we are glad to offer you our help. Win RBGs, get that Vanilla PvP farm done, rank up to the mind-blowing heights. Spend less time on tiring and boring in-game things and start enjoying every bit of WoW’s PvP!

Be unstoppable with our WoW Classic RBG carry service

RBGs come in different locations and consist of objectives but all as one require excellent teamwork that won't be an issue at all if you’ve got us, the best WoW Vanilla boosting service, by your side. It’s time to let the pros handle all the hard work. Our boosters know the most effective strategies that will leave your opponents no chance of winning. Go to our website, order a carry and get ready to enjoy Vanilla’s PvP on a whole new level. We’re available round-the-clock, so you can order whenever it’s convenient for you and always receive fast and secured boosting. High-quality completions, excellent support, awesome discounts, and competitive prices – that’s us,, and we are always at your service.

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