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WoW Classic PvP Rank Boosting Service

PvP Rank
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PvP Rank
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With our WoW Classic PvP carry you are gonna slay

World of Warcraft Classic is ready to rock, recreating the vibes of a long-gone but never forgotten original WoW from the early 2000s. The whole generation was raised on this game and we bet that every old-school player will wipe away a nostalgic tear when launching the long-awaited Classic. Blizzard decided to bring back the good old times and we are more than happy to play our part in making your gaming experience as pleasant as possible. One thing we know for sure: back in the days you had to fight through the game on your own with no one to rely on. Now you don't. The main goal of our WoW Classic boosting service is to help you enjoy the game and get the best out of it without too much effort. Sounds too good to be true but it is very much true – we can vouch for that. While you're getting ready to play the hell out of that Classic gem, we suggest you take a look at our boosting offers (WoW Classic PvP rank boost, for example) and pick a couple to make sure you excel in every in-game activity.

WoW Classic PvP Rank boost is all you need to rank up

WoW Classic PvP ranking is one of the hotly anticipated features which dates back to the original game. Blizzard promised a bunch of changes and improvements but one thing is crystal clear: to rank up you'll need to work your butt off. All in all, there are 14 ranks in a faction, and, as always, the higher the rank is, the harder it's to acquire it. For example, the very first rank – Private for Alliance or Scout for Horde – requires only 25 HKs (Honorable Kills, which are earned by killing players from rival factions). The second one – Corporal/Grunt – will be awarded only after you score 2000 Rating (Rating is calculated every week and consists of your HKs and Honor Contribution Points). Just to compare: Rank 7 – Knight-Lieutenant/Blood Guard – requires 25000 rating points, and Rank 13 – Field Marshal/Warlord – 55000. As you can see, that WoW Classic PvP ranking system is a hard nut to crack. To progress, you'll need a flawless PvP history without any Dishonorable Kills and also a pretty stable and consistent dedication to the game. If you're okay with the low ranks, you won't have any problem, but if you aim to conquer the arena, you're gonna need some solid back-up. Gladly, we have exactly what you need. Our experts are top PvP players and for them, it'll be of no trouble at all to get you a proper rank or Mark of Honor farm if you want one. Familiar with all the best PvP tactics, our professionals get the job done effectively and surprisingly fast. So if you're into some hardcore ranking, go grab our Vanilla ranking boost and you'll get to the top before you even know it.

WoW Classic rank boost from us is the safest on the market

Providing boosts since 2016, we have gained a good reputation among gamers all over the world. We work 24/7 and offer only reliable and safe boosting that won't do any harm to your account or personal data. Ordering is super easy: you pick an offer on, pay for it, and our manager contacts you in a matter of minutes. We have made more than 20000 gamers happy, so go ahead, choose a boost, and let us take care of your WoW progress.

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