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WoW Classic PvP Farm Boost

WoW Classic PvP carry will make your gaming journey a lot better

The flames of war will rage again as World of Warcraft Classic steps in, taking all the fans around the globe back to the start where a well-loved legend was born. It doesn't matter if you're a WoW veteran who remembers good old days of the game's heyday, or you've just recently joined the party – anyway, you'll be thrilled to bits when you get the chance to dive into a bygone era of Azeroth. To make your journey even more exciting, our WoW Classic boosting service is ready to provide you with some fresh and tasty boosts.

WoW Classic PvP farm you're definitely gonna need

PvP has always been a big deal in the game and WoW Classic honorably carries on the beloved tradition. But there's one more feature that has successfully passed from the original version alongside with the multiplayer mode itself. We are talking about PvP progressing. WoW has never made it easy for the players to rank up, and Classic is not an exception. Be ready that climbing that ranking ladder is gonna require some serious time investment. You'll need to dedicate a lot and sometimes this long thorny path can be extremely discouraging. This is why you should try WoW Classic PvP farming. Let the professionals take care of your in-game progress. We will gladly rank you up, hugely improving your score and granting you access to the best looted rewards. No need to worry about the tactics and finding a good team – just grab WoW Vanilla PvP farm boost! Our experts have years of experience and can beat any rival, even the one who is way stronger. They know all the ins and outs and are well aware of the mode's intricacies that might be unfamiliar to some players. If you're new to the game, don't worry – we'll get you up to speed about how WoW Classic Honor system works so that you could make the best out of our Mark of Honor farm or any other PvP boost – and trust us, we have plenty, so you might consider taking them in a bundle.

Mark of Honor farm and other offers on

WoW Classic once again introduces Honor System with the main focus on Honorable Kills (HK). HKs are accrued when you or your ally takes down an opponent. With every HK you also earn Honor Contribution Points (CPs), which are tricky bastards cause they depend on your PvP experience and on that of your opponent. Every week all the acquired CPs are added to your score and form your rating. There are 14 ranks in one fraction:

  • Private (Alliance)/Scout (Horde)
  • Corporal/Grunt
  • Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant/Senior Sergeant
  • Sergeant Major/First Sergeant
  • Knight/Stone Guard and so on

As you progress, hitting the next rank becomes harder and harder. It happens not only because of increasing demands but also due to Dishonorable Kills (DK). You get DKs when you kill a Civilian NPC in PvP. It drastically affects your Honor rating in such a way that you might even lose a rank. Yep, WoW PvP is not about running around and shooting things. It's a well-thought-out complicated system, sometimes too complicated, so if you feel like it's too much for you, our WoW Classic honor farming offer is always at your disposal. We guarantee fast ranking up with all the rewards that will come along the way (Epic Mounts, Epic gear and lots of high-end items for you to equip – all of it will be yours with our PvP honor farm boost). The stakes are high but our professionals are not afraid of taking the risks 'cause they are skilled enough to succeed in any in-game activity. If you're ready to dominate in the PvP arena, go grab a boost on – the best WoW vendor on the market.

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