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WoW Classic: Play with Pro

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World PvP Coaching with Pro


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The not-so-hardcore game - discover WoW Classic Coaching

They say that Classic is not that difficult as was anticipated before the release. Understandably, if you replay any game after 15 years, it’s going to seem barebones at best. Whatever seemed hard way back then now just feels empty and oversimplified. The only kind of gamers that do get a bad time at playing classic are those that are new to the whole franchise or those that play solo. In either case, our WoW Classic services can greatly increase the player-experience and make far more enjoyable. To understand why we’re offering this, let’s first establish the problem. Classic, being a re-installment of the old versions of WoW have those old mechanics that make the game more boring rather than difficult. 15 years ago an approach to keep players playing the game for as long as possible was represented in many limitations that no other modern MMORPG game can allow itself to have. That’s everything from the incredibly powerful regular mobs, strangely slow XP gain and outrageously long and confusing quests. Anyone who wants to make to lvl 60 has to know how to overcome all of these fictional obstacles. That’s why you should try to play with pro WoW Vanilla. There’s a lot of hidden inklings, hints that you might not know about which can turn your otherwise agonizing playtime into something fun. Because having fun was originally intended.

Play WoW with Pro and fly yourself to 60!

Even though a service like this is well established in the gaming industry, a lot of you never heard anything about WoW Classic coaching. Basically, you hire a professional gamer that will help you with something you’re having trouble with. It could be lvling – arguably the biggest challenge in the game, even though hardcore fans have reached the max lvl in the first week. When you start the game with your freshly created character, accept your first mission, you’ll release the scope of this endeavor. Then, you’ll probably go online to look up some guides, but what they do in those guides might not necessarily work for you and that’s fine. Because that’s what WoW Classi leveling coaching is for. We’ll take your own vision, your personal playstyle and enhance it, making it more efficient, while retaining the same amount of fun that you’re having. It might seem like an impossible task, for the reason that the most popular way to lvl up is straight up grinding. If that’s what you wish to learn how to do, our pros will teach you exactly that. But if you want to keep the variety in things that you do in the game, but at the same time become more productive in your XP gain that’s something we can also help you with. What’s more, there are just a lot of things to know regardless of someone’s playstyle. Some quests open up chains for other quests to do in succession, or some of the class quests, which we described a lot in the past on our blog, are also very useful things to know and understand. Get WoW Classic help and heighten your wisdom!

An ocean of knowledge - WoW Classic Guides to everything

When you finally get to that sweet endgame, it will be the right time to try out the most fun activity – raids. Now, we suggest you get the WoW Classic raid guide, because unlike in retail WoW where some of those raids are even doable in solo, in Classic, there is a lot to know and prepare for. Getting ready for raids makes half of your success during the run, and knowing what to bring is important. Therefore, this is where help from our pros is immeasurable. There are some common mistakes to avoid making during raids. One of them is not preserving your buffs. If there’s a downtime in a raid, 5-minute bathroom break or anything – log-off, preserve the timing on your flask. You should log off, so it’s not ticking. Same thing for after raids. Sometimes you might finish up your pretty efficient night raids and you still have an hour left in the second flask that you popped or whatever. Some people would straight up not log into that character until the next raid and take the opportunity to Lvl up the alt. These little pieces of wisdom are what separates a great player from an average one. And that knowledge can be yours. The same with lvling. Any question about how to level up in WoW Classic can be directed to our pros.

WoW Vanilla Help for any of your desires

It is very simple to get help in WoW Vanilla. You don’t have to look for a raid or use chaotic local chat while in-game. All you got to do is go to our website and pick the offer that you like the most. One of our pro players will gladly teach you everything that he or she knows and answer any of your questions. Oh and by the way – Phase 3 is here, which means that rated PvP and battlegrounds are available. If you are interested in trying yourself against other gamers. This is an exciting mode, and for everyone who doesn’t know – battlegrounds are instanced locations where two teams of players are fighting each other for different objectives. If that’s sounds something you would enjoy, we can teach you how to become the ultimate PvP champion with WoW Classic PvP guide.


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