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WoW Classic Pet Taming


By purchasing this service you will be assigned a PRO player who will play with you and help you level up to 2-4 times faster. This service is available for Any faction, any race, any class.

We set up players who understand your class and its features to ensure the most efficient leveling.

It takes from 1 to 2 hours to find suitable players who match your schedule.

The service will be started within 2 to 10 hours after the purchase.

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Pet Taming
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Pet Taming
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Pet Taming
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WoW Classic Hunter Pets are more than just allied AI

Hunter is a class with a unique gameplay mechanic that lets him or her tame various beasts and use their might in battles. But it’s actually more complicated than merely finding a creature, interacting with it and now, all of a sudden it fights by your side. This World of Warcraft Classic boost is made for obtaining some of the best animals in the game. Having a pet means taking care of it. There is a whole in-game system dedicated to that. The whole thing starts with locating an animal of your choosing. Obtaining a pet can be complicated further by the vast population of your server and long respawn time. You don’t always have an option to wait for 9 hours until the next specimen appears in the area. To make taming a bit easier we introduce our World of Warcraft Classic boost. By the rules of the game, you can’t just tame any animal from the get-go. You need to have a certain lvl of your character, but more on the requirements later. Having a creature that’s fighting for you is something that not many classes have in their arsenal. This makes hunter be one of the easiest classes to lvl. In WoW Classic that says something. More about the class itself you can read in our WoW Classic hunter guide on our blog.

WoW Classic Rare Pets Taming – the two best pets in the game

Your WoW Classic pet taming experience starts from a quest that is obtained from your class trainer at lvl 10. Unlike in the retail version where hunters start with a pet from the beginning, in Classic hunters must survive the first lvls just like the rest of the classes – on their own. The quest itself teaches players the basic abilities that will help to acquire and take care of their future companions. As said above, the pet system is more complex than it may seem at first. The first sign of this is the fact that your pets gain loyalty to your character, which becomes a very important resource. They gain it from two ways – time spent while the pet is fed and when gaining XP. So, it’s important that your pet gets both to gain loyalty levels, not just one. Loyalty along with XP is how pets get training points. Feeding is not as simple as well. Different Vanilla pets prefer different types of food. Knowing your pet food groups is crucial before taming as you’ll need to immediately feed a pet after taming them. Failing to do so will result in them running away and being lost forever, so keep that food handy. Now, it’s time to talk about the best pets in the game, starting from Broken Tooth taming.

Get the best pet with WoW Classic Boosting Services

Broken Tooth pet is a cougar that can be found roaming the Badlands. He is extremely rare and super popular among hunters, so getting him by yourself would be very difficult. What makes this animal so excellent is that it has the fastest attack speed among other beasts. Cats, in general, have fast intercept speed and dash compared to other types of animals. Next on the list is the giant dire wolf Lupos Taming. Finding him is very easy. He is a lvl 23 mob. What makes him special is that he does shadow damage that bypasses armor. In essence, it means that he gets about 35% DPS boost on normal mobs. This also adds great value to him when it comes to PvP against plate wearers. But what’s more situational is that his attacks deplete shadow weave stacks from Warlocks. Lupos pet can be found in Duskwood. These two pets are the best choices for most game activities. Starting from lvling to dungeons and even PvP. You should undermine the value of pets in PvP. For now, in the open world, there is a lot of players, so PKing is not rare and happens all the time. There is nothing that can protect you better than your own trained beast. For more details on our pet obtaining services, please follow to

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