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WoW Classic Mounts


We will assign one or two PRO players to your order to provide leveling services for your character up to 16 hours per day.

We'll find players who understand your class and its features to ensure the most efficient leveling.

It takes from 1 to 2 hours to find suitable players who match your schedule.

The service will be started within 2 to 10 hours after the purchase.

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WoW Classic Mounts – remember your first one?

Oh, the sweet memories of the early days in Azeroth. One of those special memories was, undoubtedly, getting the first mount and the joy of riding it. Just like everything else in the Vanilla obtaining amount was a hardcore challenge. If you are waiting for the release of WoW Classic and worry about the struggle of getting the first mount, you can rest assured that you can pick up our WoW Vanilla carry service to help you with that. Now, let’s go back in time and try to remember what those first mounts were in the game. First of all, the number of Alliance and Horde mounts was uneven coming to 34 for Alliance and 27 for Horde. However, there were 10 more neutral mounts that players could get regardless of their faction. Mounts used to cost tremendous amounts of gold, but you can always buy WoW Classic mount from our website. You can also get an in-game discount of 10% by being Rank 3 in PvP or by being Honored with the faction you are buying the mount from. And don’t forget about some restrictions like only Dwarfs and Gnomes could mount Mechanostriders. If you are planning to start playing WoW Classic when it comes out, we recommend you to buy WoW Classic mount. Like almost every other item in-game mounts are separated by rarity. Surely the rarer the mount, the harder it is to get one. Let us see what are the unique WoW Vanilla mounts in the game.

More ways to buy Vanilla Mounts

Arguably the biggest challenge of obtaining WoW Vanilla mount was farming gold. Unlike these days, when gold comes and goes in great amounts, earning it meant actual labor and getting 900 gold could take up to 30 hours of consistent grinding. Because of that, players used to start from getting the first available mounts from lvl 40. These were much cheaper and still increased the movement speed while using them. In honor to be able to ride mounts, you need to learn the riding skill, that also costs a lot of gold. By the way, you can get 40 lvl riding skill on our website. That will save you lots of money and will help get the actual mount faster. When you reach lvl 60, which is an achievement on its own, you should consider getting the new 60 lvl riding skill that gives you a 100% speed increase instead of 60% at lvl 40. It is a huge help, especially if you are going on a raid and don’t want to waste that world buff. Speaking of the rarest mounts, not all of them actually made it to the game. One of them is Foror’s Fabled Steed mount, this item was added to the game files and described to summon a bronze drake. It was also the first mount to say that it was a flying one, but the first flying mounts were added in Burning Crusade expansion later on.

It is a privilege to ride Vanilla Legendary Mounts

When we mentioned that mounts are also divided by quality colors, we haven’t mentioned the WoW Classic legendary mounts. One of them is Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal and is a part of a very exclusive and prestigious questlines in the history of WoW. The last couple of quests called The Scepter of the Shifting Sands actually reward you with the mount and the title Scarab Lord. The work towards this mount and the title consist of 32 quests and sometimes requires a group of 40 players. You need to prepare for this epic quest by buying certain crafting materials that will be used throughout the questline. One of the toughest challenges is getting a neutral reputation for Brood of Nozdormu. It takes around 42000 fragments to attain the neutral reputation level and progress in the chain of quests further. Keep in mind that the fragments are dropped at the rate between 1-4 per each monster, and these are lvl 60 Elites. On top of that, the mobs are located in an open-world location and not in an instance which means you will have other players trying to farm them in pursuit of the mount and the title. For more information about our offers, limited-time discounts please follow to legionfarm.comthe best WoW vendor out there!

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