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Molten Core Boosting Services


It takes 1 to 24 hours to find suitable players who match your schedule.

We set up players who understand your class and its features, for the most efficient leveling.

The service will start no later than 24 hours. Read "Useful Information" section below for estimated completion time!

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WoW Classic raid boost and the final boss

One of the best things to do when you reached max level in Classic WoW is to go on a raid. In the early days, there were two raids available – Onyxia’s Lair and Molten Core. While the first one was small and only had one boss encounter, MC had 10 including Ragnaros. They will, of course, be present in the Classic version as well, thus we offer a WoW Classic boosting service for everyone who wants to be prepared for them. At the time this raid boss was considered the final boss of the game and completing this raid was a major step in the evolution of every raid-oriented guild. For this reason, we offer a WoW Classic raid boost for those who want to run the MC and learn how it works. What was also special about MC is that at the time it was considered the pinnacle of raiding. The reasons for that were the fact that the raid required players to concentrate on Fire resistance above all other statistics. Our WoW Classic raid boost will demonstrate you that this type of resistance is crucial. Therefore, your equipment must provide the best protection from this element. On top of that, the raid required extensive use of healing items and other consumables. Molten Core raid run will be as challenging as it was when WoW just came out.

Molten Core raid boost will help you prepare and get that T1 set

The access to the raid is granted via an Attunement to the Core quest as one step of preparation. Another step is preparing your armor and making sure the party has sufficient amount of Fire resistance as discussed earlier. Step three – knowing the boss tactics. Each boss has a specific list of items that he drops after death. The list mainly consists of Tier 1 set pieces. If you want more chances to get the item you desire, check out our Molten Core gear boost. The regular packs of monsters drop various crafting resources that can be used to craft armor with high Fire resistance stat. Let's talk about some general boss strategies. Lucifron has some nasty abilities, so make sure your tanks turn him away from the raiding party. We have a Molten Core boost if you don’t want to deal with those bosses. Lucifron can use the mind control ability on the raid members, so the other should be careful when they are using the AoE abilities so that they don’t kill their affected teammates. If you have any problems, you should pick up the WoW Classic MC carry service, that will help you pass this and the rest of the bosses with no problem at all.

Molten Core raid help and tactics

Magmadar deals a lot more damage compared to the first boss. A lot of healing is going to be involved, both AoE and personal ones. Do not forget about consumables too. If for some reason, you didn’t get the item after killing these bosses, you can buy Molten Core T1 and your raid will not be in vain. Gehenass has an ability that is cast on all raid members that reduces healing effects by 75%. This curse can be cleansed but not for all, so those classes who can do that should prioritize decursing the tanks. These are just the first 3 out of 10 bosses you will need to deal with. If you want more drop from these guys, have a look at our Molten Core tier 1 boost. The final boss, Ragnaros, takes some preparation first. You need to think about how to position your raid party. One way is to have pairs of healers and DPSs to be positioned around the center of the room. This is important because of the ability Hand of Ragnaros that damage everyone caught in the radius will be knocked back and stunned for 2 seconds. Sometime after the fight, Ragnaros will enter the lava which will make him untargetable. This will also spawn a few monsters that need to be controlled, as you don’t want to let them get to your casters and healers. Continue on the fight until the boss is defeated and your raid claims the victory and its spoils. For more info, check out our website: – the best WoW classic vendor on the market.

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