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Molten Core Boosting Services


We will assign one or two PRO players to your order to provide leveling services for your character up to 16 hours per day.

We'll find players who understand your class and its features to ensure the most efficient leveling.

It takes from 1 to 2 hours to find suitable players who match your schedule.

The service will be started within 2 to 10 hours after the purchase.

Read "Useful Information" section below to check the estimated completion time.

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Molten Core
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Molten Core Carry from the best WoW vendor on the market

It’s been a while since WoW Classic got released but the interest in playing it only keeps growing. And it doesn’t come as a surprise – Blizzard did a hell of a good job reviving those old vibes and getting us back to where we started. Maybe you were not a huge WoW fan back then but we’re sure you’re digging it now ‘cause well, it’s nearly impossible not to, and we are just ecstatic about it. WoW has always been known for its solid PvE experience with hardcore raids and dangerous dungeons, so before you venture into one of those instances, be sure to get a WoW Classic raid carry. Raids offer you a fun yet challenging way to power up and gather solid high-tier items. You can play with friends and spend a good time clearing trash and poking bosses, or you might as well play with strangers and find new friends. It sounds nice and it really is, however, instances like Molten Core raid require careful planning, thorough preparations, and managing threats and resources in the most masterful way. For such a bone-rattling task, it’s better to turn to our service and buy Molten Core carryto let our most skilled players with years of raid experience help you handle this excruciatingly harsh undertaking without even breaking a sweat.

Molten Core Raid Run is the key to your best performance

What does our Vanilla MC carry include? First of all, let us explain the raid itself. The run consists of ten steps – one for each of the main enemies you’ll have to face in this instance. Each encounter is unique and really stands out. Even if you’re a very confident player and your party has been running together for a long time, it’s impossible to beat this raid without proper preparations and from the first try. Yep, you will go there, die, and start over, but it’s definitely worth the effort, ‘cause the rewards are just mind-blowing. Each boss has a specific list of items that he drops after death. The list mainly consists of Tier 1 set pieces but they are random, so if you wanna improve the chances of looting the item you desire, you should buy WoW Classic MC carry from us. Moreover, the thing is not only about better odds, although it’s not insignificant. Back in the days, when people were just exploring WoW, full MC completion could take up to half a year but now an average guild will be struggling for roughly the same time. Why bother and waste your nerves on it? Ragnaros kill is closer than you think! Let the experts take down the big bad Firelord and his minions and gain the most powerful loot in WoW so that you could gear up and become stronger than ever.

The most reliable way to get that Ragnaros Kill

If you buy Ragnaros kill from Legionfarm, it’ll be a really wise investment. Our pros will take down all 10 raid bosses and you won’t have to worry about tactics and strategic nuances. In terms of mechanics, this raid is quite challenging, as every encounter requires a unique strategy. Some of the bosses possess special powers like reducing healing effects or dealing significant amounts of damage. If you’ve successfully figured out how to beat Lucifron (the first boss), for example, it doesn’t matter that the same approach will work on the second one, Magmadar. However, our MC carry will deal with every single one of those nasty bastards and loot everything they drop. Yes, even Ragnaros! Being one of the most dangerous WoW creatures, he is not an easy target at all, but for true masters, even such a challenge is nothing but a piece of cake. To claim ultimate victory and gain mighty gear items, visit and place your order.

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