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WoW Classic: Dungeon Farm

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WoW Classic dungeons and the gear that they hide

It’s been a while since we did something special for our favorite game that got a second chance just to prove that the old ways are better than the new ones. Who would have thought, right? Anyway, for all fans of this game, we are coming back at you with the intensified WoW Classic boost for dungeons. Why them? Raids are great, there is no doubt about it, but before anyone can get to them, they must prove themselves worthy of the big daddy of instances. The only way to do that is to run smaller instances, it’s that simple. Besides the overall lack of new gear that most of the classes experience throughout leveling, having the chance to find something particularly effective makes dungeons a very desirable type of activity. That’s why you should buy WoW Classic carry and let the loot fill your magical pockets and poaches. Because when the loot hides in chests, we say – here’s legionfarm! All is fun and games until you really find yourself under damaging normal bots. In the next few hours, you desperately look for something that has at least at 1-point bigger attack number, yet you still don’t find anything. You probably even find out that for some reason the new weapon for your class costs much more on the auction than it’s actually worth. So the best thing to do here is to just go ahead and buy WoW Classic carry from us.

Learn the secrets of successful WoW Classic farm

You’re going to get yourself a gaming partner who’s going to give you a piece of advice on your current gear, tell you where to find a more powerful weapon, but most importantly he or she is going to help you get it. Because that’s how WoW Classic dungeon carry works. Let’s give you an example of a scenario where you run an instance together. In this example, we will pretend that you took the role of a squishy damage dealer in dire need of a tank buddy. One of our guys could be a Moonkin tank with around 8200 armor while being in a form, around 5k health and 5 to 6k mana. Pretty beefy guy, right? Keep in mind that this amount of armor means around 60% of incoming damage mitigation + 5% dodge. And these are just random numbers, the actual guy you’ll get might have even better parameters, which will make him more than ideal to do the WoW Classic dungeon farm. You can expect our gamer to know how to do certain pulls, which will make your typical Scholarmance run last somewhere around an hour or a little below that, which is a pretty decent speed. Obviously, there are some classes synergies to know about, the combo of abilities of which perfectly complete each other. The main reason you would want a Moonkin tank in your team is that it would allow you to have a caster-heavy group. Besides if you decide to buy WoW Classic gear your run will turn into a blockbuster movie, because of all the fireworks and dead bodies.

WoW Classic carry exists just to make your day brighter

Continuing on the topic, it’s nice that everyone in your group would have this Moonkin aura. Priests, mages, and warlocks will be ideal to have and that last spot being a flex-pick. You won’t have any problems with the threat at every pull, your tank will be drinking after each short fight just to make sure that his mana is at full before he pulls another pack of mobs. That’s WoW Vanilla carry for you. Our pro gamers know what to do, they know their moves and they will gladly tell you what to do to you too because despite how powerful a tank is, everyone in the group must participate. So, if you’re going into an instance for the first time, don’t worry about not knowing the ropes. Like with all of our other offers, WoW Classic carry service is filled with knowledge and useful info, life-hacks that will make your gameplay much more fun and efficient. So, why not try it out? Soon the game will have another raid added, so it’s best to hurry up with the leveling if you are still on this stage, which is absolutely fine, by the way. To conclude, don’t be afraid into going inside the darkest dungeon, because got your back.

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