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WoW Classic 1-60 Custom Leveling

15 USD
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Custom schedule We play when it’s most comfortable for you

We will assign 1-2 PRO players to your order, so we will provide leveling services for your character up to 16 hours per day!

We set up players who understand your class and its features, for the most efficient leveling.

It takes 1 to 2 hours to find suitable players who match your schedule.

The service will be started within 2 to 10 hours after purchase.

Read "Useful Information" section below for estimated completion time!

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Offer Includes:

  1. Any level for your character of any class on official Vanilla realms!
  2. 1-60 leveling estimated completion time is 21 days
  3. Any talent build
  4. Some resources like gold, craft materials, weapons, and armor looted during the leveling
  5. Lots of quests completed during the leveling

Useful Information:

Q: When will the leveling start?
A: From 1 to 10 hours from the moment of purchase

Q: How long will it take to level my character to 60?
A: Estimated completion time:
1-60 = 21 days
1-10 = 10 hours of playing
10-20 = 16 hours of playing
20-30 = 22 hours of playing
30-40 = 32 hours of playing
40-50 = 50 hours of playing
50-60 = 70 hours of playing

Q: How are you leveling?
A: For this service, we assign up to 2 PRO players per character, so they help you leveling in shifts. For more information about the processes, please check the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Q: What gear will I have after the lvl 60?
A: This offer does not include any special gearing. Your gear will consist of lvl 50+ dungeon loot of uncommon and rare quality.

Q: What talent build will we use for my character?
A: You can set up any talent build

Q: What about riding and professions?
A: Both riding skill + mount and professions can be selected as an additional option with a discount.

Q: What server is this service for?
A: All of our services are available both for US and EU servers.

Why would you choose us:

  • Our PRO players are professionals with hardcore gaming experience behind their backs
  • Our PRO players are working according to safest standards.
  • Any of your desires may be implemented into your order
  • Our Support department works 24/7. Our # 1 goal is to successfully manage your order

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Hire our players to get the service as in the picture above
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