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Blackwing Lair Boosting Services


We will assign one or two PRO players to your order to provide leveling services for your character up to 16 hours per day.

We'll find players who understand your class and its features to ensure the most efficient leveling.

It takes from 1 to 2 hours to find suitable players who match your schedule.

The service will be started within 2 to 10 hours after the purchase.

Read "Useful Information" section below to check the estimated completion time.

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Discover raids with WoW Classic raid carry

Raids in WoW are one of the most hardcore and fun types of PvE activity in the whole game. The instance where a group of 40 people must come up with a strategy and follow it until the end. Raid has several bosses encounters each with their own mechanics. Players have to counter these mechanics and find a way to defeat the boss because sometimes it’s not enough to just deal damage to it. WoW Classic carryingservice that can be found on our website will help you prepare for the raids. That’s right, preparation is key in every raid, players must take all of the necessary items and gear with them like healing potions to be able to survive as long as possible on their own and effective as their class can be. Raids are also a time investment and a responsibility. Before raiding you have to ask yourself – do I have time and energy to raid? You could have an intensive work schedule or family members that rely on you. You need to think about how much free time you can have. Therefore, our WoW Classic raid carry can help you answer that question. However, that’s not all. In the raid there will be dozens of players fighting side-by-side, so you better know your class and know how to be effective with it. The idea is to be helpful and be willing to improve. This is where WoW Classic carry comes in handy too.

Kill Nefarian with Blackwing Lair raid carry

One of the prime examples of the raid is the Blackwing Lair raid. It is available at level 60 after completing a Blackhand’s Command questline. The raid will be available in Classic in Phase 3. Phases are content patches that mark evolution of the Classic version of the game. On our website, you will find the Blackwing Lair raid run which will include the rewards attached to the raid. There are a total of 8 bosses that you need to be prepared for. The first one is Razorgore the Untamed. You are going to need great DPS for this one. Vaelastrasz The Corrupt gives everyone a debuff that grants endless mana, rage or energy, but the raiding party must defeat the boss within 3 minutes because after that the boss becomes enraged. You are going to need good gear for that, so check out our Blackwing Lair gear upgrade. The road to Broodlord Lashlayer is a challenge on its own. You have to go through two rooms filled with mobs. And even before the fight when you will have some space to buff everyone, you will still be fighting back the mobs. Fighting the boss himself heavily depends on keeping the boss focused on one target with the highest health. The boss has a debuff that decreases incoming healing by 50%. And these are just first 3 bosses of the raid. For more, have a look at our WoW Classic Blackwing Lair carry service.

Get Tier 2 set with Blackwing Lair carry

Bosses drop Tier 2 set items. Players are also able to find the Elementium Ingot used for crafting. You can buy Blackwing Lair T2 gear from our website. The raid was originally added in 2005 and since then it has seen a few tweaks. About a month since release, there was a patch that made the front gates close when some encounters start in order to avoid zoning out. Also, the drakes used to leave the lab, which was also fixed. In October, another patch added alchemy labs needed to make flasks inside the raid. The 8 piece set that was added with the raid used to drop in Molten Core along with Tier 1, but was removed to be added in Blackwing Lair. These armor pieces also used to have placeholder models which were later replaced with upgraded. You can also get that set with our Blackwing Lair tier 2 carry. We provide safe and professional services that help players all around the world to achieve their goals. We offer the help of the most experienced and best gamers in order for you to achieve all your goals. For more information about our offers, limited-time discounts please follow to – the best WoW vendor out there!

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