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World of Warcraft Classic Armor Boosts


By purchasing this service you will be assigned a PRO player who will play with you and help you level up to 2-4 times faster. This service is available for Any faction, any race, any class.

We set up players who understand your class and its features to ensure the most efficient leveling.

It takes from 1 to 2 hours to find suitable players who match your schedule.

The service will be started within 2 to 10 hours after the purchase.

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WoW boosting service and plans for Classic release

The release of WoW Classic is closer than ever. Most players have already planned their journey and set their goals. If you are still not sure what things you can pursue in Classic, we have a few tips for you. As always, we provide WoW Classic boost services to help you on your journey. Let’s start by saying that reaching max level shouldn’t be your final big goal. Most players see it is a stepping stone. A gateway to something bigger. Endgame is where you really start to play as they say. Yes, reaching max level sure is an achievement on its own. We also help players to reach that lvl cap with our WoW Classic boost. So, what can you do after you’ve reached max level? Well, you can go raiding, if you’re a fan of PvE or go to the battlegrounds if you are the competitive type. Whatever you choose you going to need good gear. Gearing in Classic WoW is the true final goal. Having the best gear for the job is very important. We do have WoW classic armor boost on our website, but here we will talk more about what kind of gear you can find in the game. WoW Classic rare armor in the game is divided into several categories.

Discover Armor sets and WoW Classic armor boost

Every class has a designated set of equipment that is composed of 8 pieces generally. These sets can be earned in dungeons, raids, and PVP. Depending on the activity you do, the set that you can get from that activity is considered to be the best at that. Meaning if you get a full set from the raid, you can be sure that this set is best for raiding. However, many players like to use raid gear in PvP, for instance. In any case, raid sets are divided into tiers. The tiers are based on the order of release of raid content. As such you got Tier 1 sets that correspond to the first raid in the game – Molten Core. You can get them with our Vanilla T1 armor boost or farm them in those raids. Other WoW Classic armor sets can be found in Blackwing Lair, that’s Tier 2 sets. You might be wondering why those tier sets are better? Well, on top of their basic characteristics, they also provide additional bonuses that are based on the number of items from this set being equipped at the same time. For example, WoW Classic T1 armor set for Druid class provides Improved Thorns Damage if the 3-piece set is equipped, Increased Critical Spell with 5 pieces and Decreased Tranquility and Hurricane Cooldown when the full set of 8 pieces is on a character.

Make acquiring WoW Classic armor sets your main goal for the endgame

As mentioned before, WoW Classic T2 armor sets can be acquired in Blackwing Lair except for the legs slot. This T2 slot is found in Molten Core. Naxxramas raid introduces to the public WoW Classic T3 armor sets. These are special in a way that they have on one piece more than other sets. These sets now include a ring slot. What's more, the items from these sets also come as quest rewards. To complete these quests players need to take hold of boss tokens. As you now know, gear is very important in the game and the best sets are found in raids, dungeons, and PvP. Here we covered the first 3 tiers of armor sets. Obtaining sets is no easy task. This is why we provide the best services to help players obtain these sets and much more. What we do is completely safe and legit. The orders we receive from clients are handled by professional players that do not use any software. Our clients are able to set up a schedule that is comfortable for them. Once this is decided, they will be given a link to a private stream, where they can follow the progress of their order. For some offers, there is a self-play option, when the client himself is carried through the instance by a team of booster for achieving the result that they need. For more information, follow to – the best WoW Classic vendor on the market.

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